Author Topic: Expensive signing flops...not just us.  (Read 1843 times)

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Re: Expensive signing flops...not just us.
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But not everything can easily be measured because we're human and for better or worse, we add a certain human/conscious element to decision making. Take a point like Moritz Volz either cycling to training or driving using his battered old vw golf. Just the fact that he drove that car gives you a good insight into character and what motivates the guy. So, it's these little human elements that should (and perhaps don't) require investigation when looking at purchasing a player.
To a degree, and it could easily become to a dangerous degree, the current belief in statistics within computer apps is in many ways a product and part of the general ruse to dumb us down.  Things like CNC and 3D printing are positive aspects of computer application, but when a car or aircraft takes control away from the driver or pilot due to bad logic then we know we are in a dangerous place.  I adore computers and programming because they are remarkable at what they do well, but they have very real limits and people who use them must understand those limits.  GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) has always been true and it is a warning to us all.