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Re: It drives me crazy ...
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At the moment that Hutchison heads the ball, Bodvarsson is onside as he is level with Hector. If you stop the action, the line of our six-yard box determines this, with Hector's right foot clearly planted behind the line. There is a Millwall player (Cooper, I think) who is offside, but unless it is deemed that he interfered with the play, the referee and linesman are right to allow the goal to stand if they also believe that Bradshaw does not touch the ball. If, however, they are of the view that Bradshaw does make contact with the ball, it matters not whether Onomah has - the correct decision is offside (as Bodvarsson had, in that split second, stepped forward into an offside position).

For the goal to stand, the referee and linesman must have felt that Onomah alone was responsible for diverting the ball into Bodvarsson's path. So, yes, they made a mistake in that their eyes deceived them but, going on what they thought they saw, they did not make an error in their application of the offside law.

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Re: It drives me crazy ...
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Whatever we think it makes no difference now!

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Re: It drives me crazy ...
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My understanding is that you cannot be offside straight from a corner, or am I missing something.
Obviously you cant be offside directly from a corner as the ball would have to go forward from the corner kick and as such, the ball must surely go out of play. If a player heads it forward from a corner then the player is offside.

Exactly my point. To Sting in the North, how can the goalscorer have had no impact on play when the header was headed? He was part of the attacking team, it's not like he was walking back from an offside position. Just because the header didn't reach him, I can't see that as being relevant.

The officials have to deem that the player in the offside position had become active.
So a player just in front of the keeper is not active!!!

Correct, he is not active in the play by default as it's a judgement call. It's not that complicated, but difficult to apply in the moment I would imagine. The same as it being difficult to tell a deliberate attempt to play the ball from a pure deflection sometimes I assume.