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Friday evening music

Started by WhiteJC, April 24, 2020, 07:52:50 PM

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40 fingers - the last of the Mohicans

The Beatles - here, there and everywhere

The Eagles - waiting in the weeds


Audra McDonald a soprano swinger, plus

Jims Dentist

November Rain,.Guns & Roses.


Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Joni Mitchell - David Crosby song, which he recently rerecorded I think - great song anyway

Bob Dylan, Just listening to this, think it's great








I've loved this song made in 1971 for sooo many years after buying a great album called Rebel Music in the 80s. Found out Little Roy is actually little, still singing and living in London. An absolute classic.


Also been loving this one tonight. Very rare, only stumbled across it relatively recently. Shame I never found a copy in the olden days, it's $4,000 for a single on discogs now.



I've slipped up tonight , forgot and fell asleep . But I really like everything posted tonight but because of the news this morning David Crosby takes the biscuit by ray . 👍👍❤️
1975 just leaving home full of hope


Justin Hayward - living for love

The Stones (Apocalypse Now video) - gimme shelter

Slade - cum on fell the noize


Harry Nilsson

Richie Barrett

Mary stallings

1975 just leaving home full of hope


Saw Bobby Vee at the Tooting Granada early Sixties, didn't have this entourage though.


I saw him to dodge at the same time at harrow Granada .
1975 just leaving home full of hope

TC's Sporran

oh to go back to those days when you could walk around in speedo's

TC's Sporran

bet we wish we could all dance like this.


The Dead South - " in hell I'll be in good company"

(Can't post video)

here you go...
Story of my life
"I was looking back to see if she was looking back to see if i was looking back at her"
Sadly she wasn't


Leonard Cohen, for Holocaust Memorial Day - we must never forget

Jeff Buckley - Halleluiah, Leonard Cohen cover

Tim Buckley - Dolphins, Fred Neil cover


MonaLisa Twins - if you raise your head

Supertramp - dreamer

Dire Straits - sultans of swing