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Cottage Talk Season Preview With Fulham Legend Gordon Davies

Started by Russ Goldman, September 10, 2020, 09:52:45 PM

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Russ Goldman

The Rational Fan

Gordon Davies comments on the "Summer of 2018 Transfer Window" were brilliant, especially his heavily caveated defense of Tony Khan (from 4:50mins to 10:50mins). I loved watching Ivor as a player that is now a fulham legend that truly loves this club and also a quality pundit which is so rare these days.


Everyone should listen to this, to hear the truth from an insider.

Gordon's comments here, knowledgeable,  passionate about the club, but gives insightful, informed criticism where it's deserved, contrast with the usual negativity and complaining you seem to get on  Fulham podcasts generally though I'm aware that this attitude is applauded by a lot/most? of listeners.

Here, Emilio  is criticising Reed as a Prem player - not that  we shouldn't question our players' ability at the top level, but emphasising   his potentially not being good enough for the Prem, obviously a possibility for any of our players, rather than  Reed's positive qualities.

It's ok  when you have someone else putting forward an opposing view, as Gordon does here, but sometimes you just get two  contributors  both slagging the players  and team off, with no positivity, or slack cut for a player, at all.

Are we fans or critics, just looking for any faults a players has, with little passion for the club.
Though Russ himself has a lot of passion for Fulham.

Just my opinion.