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US National Team
« on: November 16, 2020, 10:19:44 PM »
Haven't paid much attention to the US Nats for several years. They were pathetic in the last WC qualifying and offered no class or excitement so I just sort of quit watching them.
I was home doing nothing and thought I'd give them another chance since they were against Wales. I was pleasantly surprised with the ball movement and the pace. They ran Wales all over the pitch. No end product but heck, I'm a Fulham fan, I'm use to that. They were young, fast and besides I wanted a look at our Antonee. He looked good and the poor kid he was against spent the match looking at the back of Antonee's kit as he sped past. Wales was well organized and prevented much action in the final third. I came away with a spark of hope.
I just watched the match against Panama. Granted, they ain't Spain but it was their top side and they got in all the cheap kicks and pushes that CONCACAF is famous for. The young US (two players over 21 and 2 under 18) took the kicks and fouls well and responded by playing good football. Five goals were scored by players under 21. And the pace, my God the pace! I think I'm going to like this team.

Did I mention the pace? And this is with out Christian Pulisic who turned 22 in September.
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Re: US National Team
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2020, 04:13:37 PM »
Agree with you Jim.  Got really mad at how the national team was playing and didn't really see any real direction that the team was headed.  Also have not been happy that Gregg Berhalter was in charge.  However, the Wales match really got me excited for the future of the team.  They looked great and seemed to be up for the fight.  Loved the movement, style and pace of the team during the match.  I'm actually looking forward to seeing them play in the future. 

Bonus was gettng to watch a Robinson play.  Really happy to see him at Fulham.