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FOF MOTM Burnley v Fulham

Started by Friendsoffulham, February 14, 2021, 08:38:13 PM

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Pick your Burnley FoF MOTM

Anderson ©
Aina            ⚽️ 49'
H. Reed
B. Reid
Anguissa - sub 61'
Carvaleiro - sub 67'
Robinso - sub 77'


Tete for me. neutralised their attack down the left with excellent challenges


Quote from: FFC In Oz on February 17, 2021, 09:27:49 PM
I went for Tete.

No idea why SP took him off, he had the most energy of any of our players and I don't recall him losing a challenge.

Might have been man management as Aina scored a goal. But Parker has had a tendency to take off Tete late in games, might be some fitness issues.


No vote available for Eguity card acting or officiating in an unbiased manner
Hmm, therefore I'll go for Tete


I went for Andersen just ahead of Reed.


Tete was fantastic though I do think he was running on empty towards the end of the game.  Think that is why Scott took him off. 
Anyone can blend into the crowd.  How will you standout when it counts?

Woolly Mammoth

Nobody was outstanding or really stood out. but Tete, Maja and Reed were really the only 3 that had a decent game. after due deliberation I chose Tete.
Its not the man in the fight, it's the fight in the man.  🐘

Never forget your Roots.


Can't go for Tete - played well but could have stopped their goal if he had his head screwed on.

Actually can't really think of anyone who played particularly well as we really let them stifle us... going to say Bobby Reid as the best of a bad bunch


Kenny, didn't see him put a foot wrong and he is really quick.