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FoF blog
« on: July 30, 2021, 12:13:05 PM »
comments from Fridays "news" thread...

Has anybody ever actually spoken to one of these Wales/Birmingham/Anyothertown that ends 'online' outlets?

Because every single one of the articles that I have ever read by one of these 'online' shitrags are written by 10 year olds spamming their lack of ability over local Facebook pages for likes and clicks.

Granted this may be different in different regions but I would be very surprised if that was the case.

Yeah there's a lot of copy and paste attempts at journalism out there. I'd be fascinated to know who or what's behind them as I imagine they're just content mules to get advertising revenue. They're not very good are they/they aren't good.
Whitejc does a great job bringing all these articles together. However I rarely read them fully as most of them are just copy & paste. Most of them are not real journalists.

Feel free to try and do better.

whilst I agree with the comments that some/most of the "non-official" sites are mainly rehashed stories already reported elsewhere or are "opinions" rather than facts, unfortunately there isn't many FFC stories or articles, fan based or otherwise.

please don't take this as a dig but if you want to have a go at writing some FFC content, about the history of the club, players, fans or whatever please get in touch as FoF have a blog page where you could share your thoughts with the Fulham family.

not only will your article be published in the daily news thread but it will also be picked up by NewsNow website making it available to many FFC supporters.

let me know if your interested