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Late in the day Prediction Thread Luton v Fulham

Started by rebel, December 11, 2021, 12:59:02 PM

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Someone once asked me, "Why Fulham?".
My response, "Well, lad, you just haven't seen the light yet"


Was going for 2-1 as well so will opt for 3-2 instead.

St Eve


Oh You Lucky People We're the Best Team in The Land


After three draws,6 dropped points, it is time for a win and surely we have the players achieve that.
Just that little niggling doubt about taking our chances.

Fulham 2 Luton 0


To to go for a Fulham win as Luton are the sort of team we should be capable of beating home and away. Having seen our attack minded midfield I'm a bit worried about defensive cover so 1-3 to the Whites.


1-3 seems popular, that's was my selection on Super 6
The atmosphere's fresh and the debate lively.