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NFR: Movie: Bullet Train

Started by Logicalman, December 08, 2022, 01:50:18 AM

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OK, if your into the Guy Ritchie genre, then Bullet Train is for you.

No spoilers on this, but free on Netflix, trending at #1 for reason. It is freakingly hilarious.

Basic premis, a bunch of assassins are on a Bullet Train, and while assassins do what they do, it's a bloodbath.
Brad Pitt leads the merry cast through 2 hours of hilarity.
Pay attention though, someplace in the movie are two A List (uncredited) actors, and no peeking at wiki to cheat.

This is a Saturday night in with the friends or partner of your choice, a couple of drinks, and be prepared to enjoy scenes from a Bullet Train you wouldn't have imagined.

I won't bore you any further, but it made me giggle, long after the movie ended.

Logical is just in the name - don't expect it has anything to do with my thought process, because I AM the man who sold the world.



I look forward to seeing this.

Always good value is Brad Pitt. Sure he can successfully carry off superstar, A list, Hollywood leading man roles, but he is not afraid of off-beat, self-deprecating, slightly secondary roles like the gormless nerd in 'Burn After Reading', or the pugilistic 'gypsy' (complete with amazing accent) in 'Snatch'.


Funny in small bits.  Largely over rated, IMHO.

sidebar....Burn After Reading very good

Cambridge Away

Quote from: WindyCity on December 08, 2022, 04:48:37 PM
Funny in small bits.  Largely over rated, IMHO.

sidebar....Burn After Reading very good
"Burn After Reading"
Is that a festival?  064.gif   :022:


I have seen it and thought it was good.  But what do I know  :003:
Anyone can blend into the crowd.  How will you standout when it counts?