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FA Cup Fulham 2 v 0 Leeds United FoF MOTM = Ream

Started by love4ffc, February 28, 2023, 11:39:10 PM

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Who was your FOF MOTM v Leeds United in the FA Cup and Why?  

S. Cedric       🔁 90'
0 (0%)
1 (1%)
Ream (C)
62 (60.8%)
1 (1%)
0 (0%)
J. Palhinha        ⚽️ 21'     🔁 81'
26 (25.5%)
H. Wilson          🔁 72'     🔁 82'
1 (1%)
A. Pereira          🔁 86'
0 (0%)
M. Solomon        ⚽️ 56'    🔁 81'
11 (10.8%)
Mitrovic'             👟 56'    🔁 69'
0 (0%)
C. Vinicius           🔁 69'
0 (0%)
H. Reed               🔁 81'
0 (0%)
B. Reid                🔁 81'
0 (0%)
Willian                 🔁 82'
0 (0%)
K. Tete                 🔁 90'
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 102

Voting closed: March 02, 2023, 11:39:10 PM


No Tosin and no Rodak on the list. Was this a different game?


Quote from: wback on March 01, 2023, 08:19:02 AM
I think the manager gets it - picked a perfect cup team with just a few changes but not too many, helped prep us for games ahead, used the bench well.

You could see from when he went made while Palinha was scoring that he's annoyed at us giving the ball away though. Leeds had quick players (as did Wolves) - when we lose the ball easily we are quite open in transition and are relying on the back four being at their very best. Leeds didn't deserve 0 last night, they should have had a couple of goals.

I can see how you'd argue we need to take risks in order to break teams down, but there were some rank bad passes out there last night.



Quote from: Woolly Mammoth on March 01, 2023, 01:49:56 AM
Tim Ream, he was immense, and read the game well, fortunately being in the right place at the right time.

Agree with the wool man.  Ream was all over the place, blocking shots, clearing the ball in dodgy pinball play around the goal.  Great defensive effort.

Thought Rodak looked shaky.  But the back four all played well, I thought, and it was another case of bend but don't break.  Clear sheet accomplished.

Finnans Right Peg


I voted for Soloman but would like to give Tosin some support. He had a solid game supported by Ream who appears irreplaceable at the Moment.  Tosin has to fight for a place in the team as Diop is playing well. Lukic, Soares and Rodak had good games and showed we have good back up although I think Lukic will cement his place in the team. Palhina scored a superb goal but appeared to tire towards the end of the game. His two game ban will give him some rest time. Well played to all the team. COYW


Ream for me ..... 99% masterclass. The guy is immense.Also agree that Tosin was close to MOM


Who are the comedians who voted for Harry Wilson and Kenny Tete?  Or maybe they themselves are registered on this board?


Quote from: Plodder on March 01, 2023, 09:49:54 PM
Who are the comedians who voted for Harry Wilson and Kenny Tete?  Or maybe they themselves are registered on this board?
Maybe someone selected Tete as Tete was written two times so the first one "is Tosin"(well not really but considering there's no Tosin). As for Wilson, maybe someone thought he was MOTM, I personally would never have voted for him, but also I didn't think he was that bad.


another great performance by the captain,yes Tim Ream.