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Fulham 3-1 Bournemouth - 10 Feb

Started by WhiteJC, June 15, 2023, 11:52:48 AM

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Bassey the warrior

Great win against a good attacking team. We showed good organisation and concentration over the last 20 minutes.


Not sure why there was any doubt. I for one was always confident. May need to up my drug and alcohol intake. But William sounded as if he was MOM. But such an important result against an in form side who really had plenty of chances themselves.

What a relief and great for Muniz.
The above IS NOT A LEGAL DOCUMENT. It is an opinion.

We may yet hear the horse talk.

I can stand my own despair but not others hope


Phew, thy were certainly in the match having won 13 corners.
Well done Fulham , we needed that win, we now have 28 points , only 12 more for safty.