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23/24 squad selector

Started by WhiteJC, August 01, 2023, 04:29:05 PM

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So I've been playing with my electronic crayons again, this time I've been working on the "team selection" pages for the upcoming season (23/24) with "new" home, away & 3rd shirts.
I've also made the squad names available via a database, this means that I can change the names available far easier than previously.

To get to the squad selector you can follow this url...

or select the squad selector graphic from the FoF home page...

alternatively select the squad selector graphic from the FoF "stuff" page

However you get there, once there you should see this page...

...where you can choose the kit and your desired formation.

formations include
     4-2-3-1 (default)

Click on the "NOW SELECT YOUR TEAM" button and you'll be taken to to relevant selection page.




You can select your choice of player for each position by clicking on the drop-down selection and highlighting the player name...

When you've chosen your squad click the "DOWNLOAD TEAM" button and your squad selection will be downloaded as a graphic file named "FoF-teamSelect.png"

You can then share your team on Facebook, Twitter(X or whatever its called this week) or any other social media

Have fun