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Fulham, Elton John's second team

Started by Cambridge Away, November 24, 2023, 11:12:23 PM

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Cambridge Away

"My dad brought me (to Watford FC) when I was five or six but I also used to sit on the touchline at Craven Cottage.

My cousin Roy Dwight played for Fulham in the same team as Jimmy Hill, Bedford Jezzard, Johnny Haynes, Tony Macedo. I grew up watching Fulham a lot but this is my local team.

When Roy went to Nottingham Forest, I concentrated on (Watford)."


I believe when he bought Watford it was a choice between Fulham and Watford which one he and his partner would choose.

Eton White

I wouldn't have been too unhappy if he'd decided on buying us instead of Watford. He's always seemed a decent guy and a proper football fan.

By the sounds of the article though, Watford was always his first love so I doubt it was too much of a decision for him to make.

Colton F.C.

I guess its why he couldn't call us the blues!