The 3rd FoFcast- Discussing season so far, new signings and what’s left to do

westcliff white & Dannyboi recorded their 3rd FoFcast where they discussed several issues, such as the recent results, the new boys, what we think we still need, a bit of a heated debate around formations and looking at some questions sent to them from some of the members of the Friends of Fulham forum.

Have a listen, hopefully you will like what they talk about even though you may not agree with one or both of them.

FOFerview with Fulham Great, Robert Wilson

Through the magic of twitter, Dannyboi was able to get in contact with a true great from the 1980’s, the one and only Robert Wilson. Robert was not only a big part of one of Fulham FC’s most iconic teams under Malcolm MacDonald, he is also a Fulham fan through and through witnessing the highs and lows throughout. He has been a true gent with me over the past couple of weeks and all of us in the Friends of Fulham team really appreciate the time and effort and we cant thank him enough. We hope you enjoy it…


Dannyboi Robert, what was Malcolm MacDonald like as a manager?

Wilson Well, Supermac, what can I can say other than it was a great time for me and many of the lads! He came in on the back of the outgoing Bobby Campbell who I have the upmost respect for as he gave me my debut at 18 away at Blackburn in Jan 1980 in the FA cup tie. My job was to man-mark their player-manager, Howard Kendall, who went on to manage Everton very well but has now sadly passed away.

Malcolm was very good with the lads, liked the banter but had the very good coach Ray Harford (another who sadly passed away and another manager I went on to play for at Luton Town in the first division who I had so much respect for as a fantastic coach.) The training most of the week was taken by Ray. Malcolm was there now and then, it was just a rumour that he only ever turned up on Fridays for our famous 5 a sides which were very competitive and set us for Saturday’s game. Make no mistake about it Malcolm deserves the credit he should get for that team and those 2 years he gave us the confidence to play the way we did and I know the first year was great in that magical night at home v Lincoln getting promoted. Then going into the following season in the second division and as we all know doing so well and going so so close….

Dannyboi Despite not being born until some 5 years later, I know from my Mum & Dad telling me thousands of times what you mean by so so close. So that leads perfectly to the next question. From a players perspective, what was that Derby game like? In particular being kicked by a fan as you went to take a throw in?

Wilson Well the Derby game is still very much in my mind and that of many players and supporters and family members who were all there. If I was honest we should never have been in that situation as we blew many games before that. People talk about the Leicester home game then the bank holiday weekend of the Sheffield Wednesday away and QPR games but hey, we went there with a chance at Derby.

I can remember the build-up was as normal as usual, everyone was as relaxed as they could be. Derby needed to stay up which didn’t help us and once the game started it was a very tense atmosphere. On the day we were not at our most fluent and maybe the nerves got to us but that last 15-20 mins was unreal. I have never played in or seen such scenes like it. I noticed fans were slowly being let out of the penned gates and encroaching around the pitch. I can remember Browny and Galey saying to the ref that this can’t be right but the ref was having none of it. As we all know, it continued and as you say we broke away on the left hand side I had the ball under control heading towards the touchline, probably 4 yards in though and this fan came out and lunged a kick on the side of my arse. Initially I was shocked but as the TV footage shows, I did lose it a bit and headed towards him pointing. By this time the game has been halted. Lew runs over, the ref arrives and really did not know what to do. There was still many minutes left and we all know what happened when the ref blew the whistle some 90 seconds too early. The Derby fans all ran on the pitch. It was very frightening and trying to get towards the tunnel was scary and many including Jeff Hopkins were assaulted. Once there it was mayhem. We were in the changing rooms knowing that our fate was over but Malcom and many Fulham officials were trying to liaise with the ref saying the game was not finished but all to no avail. I went to all the hearings to appeal for a replay as I had been involved in the incident and when the news finally broke that we had no case we were all gutted.

Dannyboi Do you think it should have been replayed and have you ever forgiven Derby for costing us promotion in such a distasteful way?

Wilson As mentioned, I went to all the hearings but deep down I felt we were never going to get the replay. As for Derby, I’ve hated (oops, disliked them!) ever since. I did go back some years later playing for Luton Town and again I did not enjoy a good experience as Mick Harford was sent off after 15 minutes and the gaffer, Ray Harford, sacrificed me as a substitute to put a player on. You can imagine I was not best please!

So it’s a team and set of fans I have no time for.

Dannyboi Who was your room mate when staying in hotels etc. and which players were you closest to in the team?

Wilson My room mate was my best pal while there, Tony Gale, and he was a key figure-head in the team both on and off it. I still to this day keep in contact with him. We had a great team spirit and unlike today there was no cliques, we all stuck together.

Dannyboi Do you still keep in touch with any of your old team mates?

Wilson I still and in the past have kept in touch with a number of the lads, notably Tony Gale, I still speak very regularly with him when he is not on Sky or radio!!

Ray Lewington too, he looked after me with tickets for many years under Roy, both home and away games. As did Mike Kelly, another great guy I admired.

I kept in touch with Sean O’Driscoll and met him many times while he was managing and also while he was at Liverpool with Brendan Rogers.

Ray Houghton was an old next door neighbour of mine in the early days down in Wokingham.

Perry Digweed came to my mum’s 80th in Putney Bridge back in January, along with Galey.

I see Les Strong, the legend, (well – according to him!!) at his bar at homes game. When he invites me in…!

Gordon Davies the same, but not so much now we are not in Premier League as they dropped the bar he was looking after.

I keep in touch with many of the other lads via social media, notably Jim Stannard, Jeff Hopkins and Paul Parker.

Dannyboi Who was the most skillful player you played with?

Wilson Well at Fulham I would have to say George Best and Rodney Marsh! I was 16 and an apprentice in 1977 when they were around and watching them in training was brilliant.

Really again at Fulham I would have to say Ray Houghton. He glided with the ball and could go inside or outside. A really classy player that went on from us to have a fantastic career.

On another note, Ricky Hill at Luton had super skills, and was a joy to play with.

Dannyboi Your second spell was a troubled time at the club, how did the players cope with staying focused?

Wilson Yeah when I returned in 1987 Ray Lew was manager. As I had a bit of a fall-out at Luton he convinced me to come back. Yes it is true what they say second time round is never the same and it was difficult at times, but I still enjoyed it although we were never like the previous year’s team.

Dannyboi What are your memories of Jimmy Hill at the time and how involved was he?

Wilson Jimmy Hill was chairman at the time and although I was club captain (and I don’t think Jimmy agreed with Lew in making me that, I’m not sure why!) I personally did not have much to do with him other than to say hello but I know Lew had some very tough times with him and the board behind the scenes. But that’s football, and the club survived!

Dannyboi How do you think the brilliant 82/83 side would have faired in the Championship last season?

Wilson Danny I feel the side of 82/ 83 would have done well. That’s not taking away from this seasons side who also did well to get themselves in the frame, but I’m biased!

Dannyboi Did you ever consider getting into coaching or management?

Wilson I did not at the time. It was many years later while up in Huddersfield around 1999 my son was training with them in their school of excellence and I came across the the head of their academy, Gerry Murphy, and he invited me to coach the under 12s. I went on to gain my EUFA coaching badges and spent 6 years coaching at various age groups, which I really enjoyed.

In the last 4 years have been coaching at Brighouse Town FC in the Evo-Stick league but again left there the season before last to watch Fulham more, as my son Adam is a mad Fulham fan and wants to watch every game home and away! He managed more home games than me!

Dannyboi We’ve seen with the likes of Jimmy Bullard what a joker can bring to team spirit. Were there any jokers in the team you played in and if so, can you remember anything specific happening like a prank on someone?

Wilson We had a few at Fulham in my time, notably Les Strong, Kevin Lock and Tony Gale. The one that particularly springs to mind (which Strongy will always tell in his mini after speaking role!!) was with Malcolm in a team talk before a game. We had those boards with all the little discs and he would say how we would set up and how they might play as well so Strongy and maybe Galey (don’t quote me on that!) took the sticky bits on the back of them all off and they are on the table as he is starting to present his team picks the first one up puts in the goal keeper area it drops to the floor and we all say “hooray” and laugh he then picks up another to try and (you guessed it) it happened again! “Hooray” was the shout from all the lads, we are now howling with laughter, Malcolm tries one more and yes, hat trick! “Hooray!”. By this time Malcolm is getting a bit mad and I think he just threw the lot in the direction of Strongy!

Dannyboi What was your favourite and/or best goal that you scored for the Whites? Please pick two separate ones if your favourite wasn’t the best goal!

Wilson Best goal has to be Shrewsbury away. Not many Fulham fans would have witnessed this! I think it was in the 1981/82 season. I picked the ball up on the half-way line, I always say that I beat at least 5 players on a mazy run as the keeper came out I dummied him went round him and stroked in to empty net. It was a class goal and I even have Sunday newspaper clippings saying it was as good as Ricky Villa’s cup final goal v Man City. But who out of the fans out there remembers it??

The favourite goal is one I scored up at Newcastle. A great crowd and stadium, and a goal I always enjoyed.

Dannyboi What was it like playing at the Cottage for the first time as a supporter? All fans dream of it but you were lucky enough to do it.

Wilson Well as a kid I grew up with 3 other brothers supporting Chelsea. As a 12 year old I used to go with my dad’s friend to watch West Ham back in 1974 / 75. It was not until I signed school boy forms with Fulham in 1975 as a 14 year old and we had just got to Wembley v West Ham that I really did set my sights on becoming a Fulham player and fan so for it to all come true was a dream and getting a chance so early at 18 I was overwhelmed, as were my mum and dad who followed my career from then onwards. Every time I represented Fulham it was a privilege, and now in later years watching varying teams although its different now, I hope some of the home grown lads feel the same way!

Dannyboi You also played for Millwall, Luton, Huddersfield and Rotherham. How did it feel playing for someone else after leaving your club? And if you had to pick, which of the 4 was the best club to play for?

Wilson I had spells as you say at Millwall, Luton Town, Huddersfield andRotherham.

When I left Fulham in 1985 after the Supermac team started to split up I had a few offers to sign for notably Crystal Palace and Ipswich as well as Millwall! I met George Graham at Heathrow Airport for lunch and they had just got promoted to the 2nd division. I was excited by his plans and I duly signed. I am not going to lie, whilst I scored 12 goals in 36 games, and we had a good season finishing around 8th I think, and we had some great players in John Fashanu and Teddy Sheringham (who played the back end of my one season there), I did not enjoy it at all! I was travelling from Berkshire to Dartford every day, the fans can be great when you are winning and not so good when you are not (I am being kind here in case any Millwall fans read this!!). It was an experience that’s all I will say

Luton Town was a great time on the plastic pitch playing in the 1st division, scoring on my home debut v the legend Peter Shilton for Southampton. Luton had some great players at that time like Steve Foster, Mick Harford, Les Sealey, Ricky Hill, Brian Stein, Peter Nicholas, Mal Donaghy, Danny Wilson, Ashley Grimes… And many more! The social side was…wow…they liked a drink that lot!!

I loved being at Huddersfield and we had a good set of lads and a good manager (Eoin Hand) who I had worked for Republic of Ireland and we had 2 years of just missing out of play offs.

I was only at Rotherham for one season, we got promoted out of the 4th division, it was ok.

Dannyboi Is it more stressful being a player or a supporter of Fulham?

Wilson Definitely as a supporter!! As a player I could always do something about it! As a player there have been more times than others but hey that’s Fulham for you. The season in Europe… Wow, me and Adam came down to every home, travelling 9-hour 500 mile round-trips and the Juventus night will live long into my memory. I could not make any of the away legs that season but we went to Krakow the following season and could not make the final due to the ash cloud and my daughter was getting married on the Friday and she would not let us go in case we could not get back.

Dannyboi Which eleven players and manager make up your favourite team of your time associated with the club?

Wilson Always a hard one this as I played and are friends with lots of the lads but I will be honest







Think that will do.

Dannyboi Whats your favourite Fulham goal other than one of your own?

Wilson Tom Cairney this season vs Leeds at the Cottage in the last minute.

Dannyboi Roger Brown’s header at the Putney End vs Lincoln City goes down in our history as one of the clubs most important goals and is accompanied by the most iconic picture as he smokes his cigar. Can you describe the atmosphere for our younger fans and explain your emotions knowing we had achieved promotion for the team you support, again a dream so few have been able to do for real?

Wilson Well what a night that was! I remember the legend rising to power it home. I was just behind him. It was a tense night but those celebrations in the changing room and on the cottage balcony will live with me forever and the after party down at J Arthurs, we all went drinking till 7am in the morning.

Dannyboi Here’s a time machine, you can go back in time and change one moment in the clubs history. Where would you pick and why? That must be a tough question considering the oh so nears as both a player and a supporter?

Wilson I never like to go back but if you pushed me it would have to be the Derby game or that season. I would have loved one crack at the top division with that team because I feel we would have taken it by storm and the type of football we played would have held us in good stead.

Dannyboi And finally we end the FOFerview in style…… pie or pasty (which filling)?

Wilson Pie all day long – filling has to be meat and potato but now all these balti pies are nice in the middle of winter when watching the mighty whites in the baltic north!

Dannyboi Robert I really appreciate you doing this for Friends of Fulham. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions in such detail. That Malcolm MacDonald side remains one of our supporters favourite sides, my Mum and Dad are always talking about it! So I have no doubt this will be an enjoyable read for so many.

Wilson Well I hope I have given all the fans, both old and young, an insight into my playing/supporting times and we look forward to the coming season. I cant wait!


FOF’erview with Billy the Badger’s creator, Kyle Jackson

Have you ever wondered how Billy the Badger was created and came to be?  Well lucky for us our very own Dannyboi just happens to be a mate of Kyle Jackson, the inspiration behind Billy the Badger, and recently he sat down to have just such a chat.

Dannyboi – What made you a Fulham fan?  Did anyone influenced you in becoming a fan?
Kyle – I moved to the UK when I was 8 from South Africa.  I didn’t know much about football, and first called myself an Arsenal fan!  When I started to play football myself (and wised up), I was a goalkeeper. My mum’s family is Dutch and Van der Sar soon became my favorite player in the national team… So it was Edwin who got me in to Fulham!

Dannyboi – How long have you been supporting the club?
Kyle – I think the first season I could call myself a “real” fan was the 2003/2004 season. My favourite shirt is from that season!

Dannyboi – What has been your most favorite memory from being a Fulham fan?
Kyle – The European games must be up there.  That season I was lucky enough to go to Basel, Turin, Hamburg (twice), Belfast, and Twente.  Made some amazing memories and some great friends.

Dannyboi – What has been your worst memory from being a Fulham Fan?
Kyle – Obviously getting relegated wasn’t fun and the following couple years didn’t get much better.  Those were the 3 seasons I gave up my season ticket as I moved out to Singapore so at least I didn’t experience too much of it.  I have to say though, I think my worst memory was when we lost Dembele and Dempsey.  We had such great potential that season.

Dannyboi – What led you and inspired you to create Billy tthe Badger?
Kyle – The club had an online competition.  At the time, there was a viral video involving dancing badgers, mushrooms and a snake.  Back then a friend of mine, who is a Cambridge fan, and I both would put our team shirts on.  The team shirts said badger and we would wear them to play in a 6-a-side team called the Cambridge badgers.  So, when I saw the competition I thought a badger would work well.  So, I sent a picture in of a badger.

Dannyboi – How old were you when you did this?
Kyle – I think I was around 12 years old.

Dannyboi – Were there any other reasons for coming up with a badger, other than your experience in Cambridge?
Klye – When I sent the picture in of the badger, I included a brief reason of why the Fulham mascot should be a badger.  Badgers are black and white and are traditionally British just like Fulham.  Badgers also live in big families and Fulham is a big family.

Dannyboi – Do you have any drawings or sketches of your original design?
Kyle – Unfortunately I don’t.  The club did send me some pictures but that laptop that I had them stored on died many years ago.  I should really get in touch with the club and see if they have any in the archive.  I also keep meaning to ask if I could have a costume!

Dannyboi – Did you get anything out of creating Billy from the club?  An award or a plaque?
Kyle – I got 2 free tickets to see us play against Arsenal.  That was my first game!  We lost 4-0 in that match and Henry got a standing ovation.  I also got a goodie bad that a had keychain, stickers, book, etc.  Funny thing is I had to buy my own Billy the Badger toy when they first came out, ha-ha.

Dannyboi – Did the experience of creating Billy have any effect on your future choices for a career?  What do you do now for a living?
Kyle – I actually went on to study marketing at university.  Then I went on to running pubs where I did do a lot of design work and digital marketing.  Since then though I’ve gone into more of a normal office job.

Dannyboi –  What is your favorite memory of Billy?
Kyle –  I love it when Billy gets into the spot light, especially during games.  I remember things like Billy “Attacking” Avram Grant and being sent off for staying on the pitch break-dancing for too long.

Dannyboi – Have you heard of Sir Craven of Cottage and do you know what he looks like? If yes, would you be nervous for Billy if I told you I’ve heard he’s making a comeback.
Kyle Who? ……Just kidding. I’ve heard of and seen Sir Craven (not in the flesh). I wouldn’t be too nervous, he just looked very sun burnt. Didnt have a mascot? Was it a computer? ……now there’s a challenger haha!

Dannyboi – As you mentioned above Billy is not shy of getting into a confrontation like the Avram Grant spat. If given the opportunity to have a boxing match with one of these three, who would he pick? Chelsea’s Stamford the Lion, Brentford’s Buzz Bee or Qpr’s Ian Holloway?
Kyle Well I’m speaking on behalf of my “son”. I’m sure he’d be happy to take them all on. In case there are youngsters reading I won’t go into too much detail on how things would unfold  :dft011:  [dannyboi pushing for him to pick one]……oh I guess it has to be Qpr’s Ian Holloway lol.

Dannyboi –  What do you think Billy brings to Fulham and its fans?
Kyle –  This is my favorite thing; the kids do really seem to love him and lots of friends tell me he is a real favorite of their kids.

FoF would like to think Mr. Kyle Jackson for his time in answering these questions.  We would also like to thank Mr. Jackson for having the creativity to come up with our Club’s beloved Billy the Badger.   

Trip down memory lane with Dannyboi- Pompey, Great Escape

Sunday 11th May 2008 approx 2am
Couldn’t sleep, the air was muggy. Lying there with the sweat dripping off me as the noise of the Saturday night drunks passed my bedroom window adding to the disturbance. Staring at the ceiling thinking of any excuse as to why this night was proving to be a long unpleasant one.

But deep down I knew why…..of course I knew why! For in just a few hours I was to begin my 15min walk down to Waterloo Station to catch my train to Fratton, a trip I’d planned in my head several times already to ensure that nothing was going wrong today. The OCD worse than ever before as my mums OCD multiplies for the same reasons influencing my own mental state in the days building up to it. I’d never been to Pompey before, not that it mattered much. Reassuring myself that our fate was in our hands for survival thanks to the win against Brimingham last week but at this point…….it was doing little for my nerves.

I eventually dose off but it’s not long before the day begins. I’ve no appetite so I skip breakfast and we head out. There were many fellow supporters on the train and commuters that day would have experienced 3 kinds of Fulham fans. The vocal ones who would sing any song they could think of and really made a day of the occasion, the figgity ones who couldn’t sit still or get comfortable such was the magnitude of what was before us. And the ones like me, quiet. Not really knowing how to feel or what to say. This had never happened to me, I’d only remembered Fulham on the up since the days of Micky Adams. I have a poor attention span at the best of times but today there was no hope of a conversation out of me. My Mum, Dad and little sister chatting away whilst I was there in body yet my head a million miles away.

We go to the pub before the game and do all the usual rituals before any away game. And then it’s time to head to the ground. We walk up the road, houses either side of us. It was a narrow road, at least it was in my head although that could just be my imagination as it felt everything was closing in around me. You could see the ground in front of you, just like walking up Finlay Street to the Cottage I suppose.

At Fratton Park, the away fans walk down what I remember as a bit of an alleyway to the away end. A wall of art with pictures of ex Pompey players from beginning to end. Steve Stone, Linvoy Primus and the very unpopular Dejan Stefanovic to name but a few. I suppose you aren’t really interested in that are you? No neither was I but it was just another excuse not to think about the game as it was now about 2.30pm and kick-off getting closer & closer.

We made it into our seats, about 10 rows back perfectly in line with the top corner to our fans’ right hand side, a view unappreicated at this point but boy would that change……

It’s important for those that weren’t there that day that I make it very clear how hot it was. For every minute we got closer to knowing our fate, the sun seem to blaze over us that bit hotter. I don’t know how the players played 90mins in that heat under that pressure. I suppose we were lucky Portsmouth had bigger things on their mind like the FA cup final. It must have been the hottest day of the year and I remember it that way because I just can’t forget the intensity. This was the most torturing heatwave I’ve ever experienced at a football match.

I remember very little about the game itself. I don’t remember much goal mouth action, it was very much a game that you’d expect in degrees such as this. I didn’t know the Birmingham or Reading scores until half time, they wasn’t spoken of by the people around me, you would have thought no other matches were being played that day…. We all know that it wasn’t good news or was it? I don’t know if I’m alone but my nerves seem to ease once I know things aren’t going our way. I’m at my most nervous when we are hanging on.

The fans throughout were amazing and the atmosphere electric. As Kamara raced through only to be taken down for a free kick to my left hand side of the pitch just inside their half, we knew we had to score a goal. Reading & Birmingham were 4v0 and 4v1 up in their games, we were now desperate to score…….WE HAD TO SCORE!!!!!

It had been a torturing season. A rollercoaster that you queue up for terrified of but are forced on by your kids or friends. The long drawn out wait fearing the worst but doing it anyway. Th anger, you feel upset, tears, stress, sleepless nights, frustration, confusion, acceptance, you don’t care anymore….you do care…..but then comes the worst emotion of them all. The one that causes the most pain in the end………..HOPE!   Multiply all those feelings by 100, add in the heat and the fact Reading & Birmingham were home and hosed but helpless if we win and you can almost imagine how it felt being in that seat adjacent to the top corner as Murphy rose highest and guided the ball towards me. I could have caught it if the net wasn’t in the way, I don’t think I would have though. For I had long left my seat and was in the stairwell running down to the front. Those in rows before me with the same idea beat me to it, our heroes in a pile on the pitch as McBride wrestles Murphy to the ground. Us fans piling on top of eachother behind the barrier. Men hugging eachother, crying, overjoyed! It was a minute of my life that will never leave me. I’ve seen the birth of all 4 of my beautiful children. I’m married to the woman of my dreams and although I won’t commit to saying they were inferior experiences, I could describe those feelings. But celebrating that goal……words just can’t describe the feeling. The release of tension just for a few seconds. It was and probably always will be the best moment I will ever have supporting Fulham.

Now comes the worst part, as mentioned above. My nerves eased when I knew Reading and Birminghams results weren’t going our way, almost resigned to the fact we were down. Now they are back, the heart pounding faster in sync with those of all Fulham fans around me. Loud enough to probably drown out the famous Pompey fan with the bell. But I can’t say I heard him that day, I can’t say I remember anything about that last 13 minutes or so.

The sheer joy when the final whistle went. Not as wild as when the goal went in. This was more relief that it was over. A celebration of 9 months of failure that was rescued in the most unlikely circumstances. Defying the odds and players transforming from ars*oles to heroes.

I know some will have the attitude that we have been relegated anyway some years later so it was pointless but it wasn’t. What we went onto achieve after that finishing 7th and getting to Hamburg will go down as the 2 greatest seasons in our history, why? Because on paper it’s a fact. That wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the great escape and whatever happens it’s an era I will cherish forever and tell my Grandkids about just like my Grandad did with me.

On the train home everyone was buzzing. At one point we thought we had got into Europe through the fair play league as Richard Dunne’s red card could have swayed it our way. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way in the end but it didn’t ruin the party back to London.

I read quite often people saying people shouldn’t worry or let Fulham’s poor form affect their daily lives. It’s just a ‘game’. Except it’s not is it? Football for many is much more than that. Fulham goes back in my family to the 40s, I went to my first match when I’d just turned two years old. Fulham is and always will be in my blood. Every club other than the obvious handful at the top are just one bad owner, a couple of relegations or a poor management of finances away from doing what Pompey did or in some cases worse. I can’t imagine life without Fulham, it’s what makes me who I am. It’s what makes me one of you, part of something.

Every fan has a reason for supporting Fulham. Mine was forced on me. I’d supported all my life but it really did feel like I’d come of age at Pompey. I was just turned 18 and something changed that day. I saw Fulham in a different light. I knew it wasn’t just my family tradition, my club… is our club and you are my family.

And all this from a supporter. Imagine the small people that nobody gets to meet or know. The ones who work in admin, commercial or in the Canteen. How do they feel knowing their fate lies in the hands of eleven men and a match in Portsmouth. When we were relegated, when all teams are relegated the amount of small people who lose their jobs is saddening. Cuts have to be made and it’s never the players who suffer most. People just doing a job to provide for their families, have done nothing wrong but are helpless as their fate is determined by others failing or not.

So please don’t tell me Football is just a game and don’t dare tell me this is just a football club. It’s not just a football club………..