Team against Liverpool 11/11

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team against Liverpool

Subs: Betts, MLM, Schurrle, Ayite, Vietto, Anguissa 

I know that many would have both Vietto and Schurrle in their starting 11 however I’m not convinced that either provide enough, Vietto doesn’t want to shoot? and Schurrle needs 20+ chances and I think that they don’t help the overall shape of the team. 


team against Liverpool

The team has been very unbalanced recently as we have a Championship right back, and Sess doing a great job at LB when ideally he would be further forward.
It is clear therefore we need a RB and LB in January and the tide will change as it will have a knock on effect throughout the team.

Until then, we need Christie/Ayite and MLM/Sess covering our flanks as damage control…

I don’t expect this team to create many chances and Mitro will likely be isolated. However the reality is that we don’t have the players or the form to get a result at Anfield. We have to cover our weaknesses in defence as above, and use Mitro holding up the ball and counter attacks to give us a chance.


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Games for the Weekend 10/11

We travel to Liverpool for a Sunday game

Liverpool v Fulham

After two easily winnable matches, well they were on paper however the actual games turned out differently!, we now get to visit one of the leagues “in form” teams, I’m not expecting much from this weekend.

There’s lots of talk about this being one of Slaviša’s last games to save his job, I hope thats not true as I think given time he’ll be able to get us back to winning ways, so perhaps he’ll be concentrating on next weeks game against Southampton?

Games of Interest…

Saturday 10th
Cardiff v Brighton
Huddersfield v West Ham
Leicester v Burnley
Newcastle v Bournemouth

Sunday 11th
Liverpool v Fulham