Games for mid-week 22/07

Our last “league” game of the season sees us travel up to Wigan.

Wigan v Fulham

So after the weekends results it’s all become very interesting hasn’t it! Who’d have thought that both Brentford & West Brom would have lost!?
That means that there’s an “outside” chance that we could still get automatic promotion, it’s unlikely as we’d have to win, West Brom loose and Brentford either draw or loose, but you never know, stranger things have happened.
For Brentford, they need West Brom to loose and either win or draw against Barnsley, they’ll then be promoted due to their better goal difference.
West Brom play QPR, QPR are comfortable in 14 so effectively they’ve “nothing” to play for. If West Brom win, they go up, if they draw and Brentford don’t win, they go up, even if they draw and Fulham win then they’d go up unless Fulham win by 17 goals.
Brentford face Barnsley who need to win to avoid relegation, Barnsley’s win against Forest on Sunday gives them a glimmer of hope, Barnsley need to win and hope that Charlton loose to Leeds.

As far as the play-offs are concerned we could face either West Brom, Brentford, Forest, Cardiff or Swansea, assuming we get to the final.
If Cardiff loose and Swansea win then Swansea will have the same points but a better goal difference. If Forest loose then Swansea will need to change the goal difference by 6 as their currently 5 off of Forest’s goal difference, so if Forest loose 3-0 and Swansea win 3-0 then Swansea will go ahead of Forest.

All Fulham can do is to beat Wigan and hope other results go their way, we’ve a good record against Wigan, 9 wins, 1 loss and 10 draws so it’d be Fulhamish for West Brom, Brentford and us to loose!


Games of Interest…

Wednesday 22nd
Brentford v Barnsley
Cardiff v Hull
Forest v Stoke
Reading Swansea
West Brom v QPR
Wigan v Fulham

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