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Title: US Men VS CZECH
Post by: love4ffc on September 03, 2014, 11:10:34 PM
Thought the US game against Czech was definitely a game of two halves.  The US was the better team the first half with some really great possession.  Czech wasn’t able to really test Guzan and lucky he wasn’t called into action very often.  Didn’t think that Green had that good of a game today.  Wasn’t really involved and I believe he only tested the keeper one time.  Altidore looks fit and back to his strong self.  Thought he captained the game very well.  The back four I thought was fantastic and looked to handle themselves very well.  Diskerud had a great game and credit to him for nicking the ball that created the goal. 

The second half was all Czech and they were very unlucky not to have scored several times.  Thought Rimando did awesome in the second half in goal.  If not for him we would have lost.  Man of the match for me, at least in the second half. 

Loved when Hyndman came on the pitch.  He didn’t do a whole lot and wasn’t involved much but I think that was because of the quality of players that were around him.  Think he would of done better in the first half being a part of the starting XI. 

Overall great game for the USA. 
Title: Re: US Men VS CZECH
Post by: YankeeJim on September 04, 2014, 05:06:51 PM
Thanks for the report. I'm in meh he ko soaking up sun and suds so missed the match.
Title: Re: US Men VS CZECH
Post by: andersons11 on September 04, 2014, 05:20:30 PM
If you have nbc and an internet provider you should be able to log into nbc live extra and view the match on a replay.