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No one puts us in the corner!

Started by clintclintdeuce, January 29, 2010, 05:31:24 AM

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The Dude abides.


yea we're like joey barton over here
Some people are literally too stupid to insult


Looks like we need separate sections for USA and AUS!


YEAH! Nobody puts us in the corner! Although standing in the center of the circle is even more awkward!! Let's stand off to the side and have no pace about how quickly we digest our alcohol. Then we can run naked through the party. They'll remember us then. Crazy brits. Ahh, to have our own forum...the freedom. United we stand, divided we fall. COYW!!
Time is blind.
Make sure in the parking lot of life, you do not take it's handicapped spot because then you'll be occupying time's space, the ticket for which is being thrown into a wormhole.


This strikes me, to paraphrase Georgae Wallace, as "Soma ma bestest friends be 'merikans".

I want to know, do they still allow the Irish  & Scots on the main board & just WHY do we have to share with those upside down people? >:(
Its not that I could and others couldn't.
Its that I did and others didn't.


Haven't seen much of the upside-downers in this section...except for michealread's comment on the Super Bowl.

It may be more difficult to find on that side of the world ;)
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