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Introduce yourselves and explain where are you from, and why Fulham..?

Started by LBNo11, February 20, 2010, 07:29:22 PM

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'Allo, Friends.

1) I currently live north of Baltimore, Maryland. Before that Central Pennsylvania, Boston, Cincinnati, Indiana. Born outside Chicago.

2) Last year my son suggested we start following non-American football. My grandmother was born in London, so I did some research and discovered she was born in Fulham. The family lived on Escourt Road. A bit of research about the team piqued my interest. Then I watched a game. Gentlemen Jim, Jamie, Ream, Mitro, and the Cottage hooked me in immediately. A good friend here has relatives who lived in Brentford, so I had an immediate local rivalry to boot.

3) Not beyond the University team where I teach and team USA.

Here's hoping I can make a pilgrimage some day!



Hi all,

Just registered today, but have been following Fulham since the start of the season.

I come from Portugal and the main reason to follow is João Palhinha!! Me and my 2 kids are Sporting Clube Portugal fans and love this guy!
Just so unfair he didn´t play almost anything in the world cup, what a dum our coach was...

I expect to go to London in February with my family and love to be able to watch a game.


Hello all!

Been a fan since the McBride days. Loving how we are doing this season and hope to come over for a game at some point.
Liquor expert. American.Human.


Hello all,
Thought I'd introduce myself, have been a quiet "observer" of FOF for some time but this is my first post.
I'm an Aussie but have been supporting Fulham since 2008. The reason i started supporting Fulham was because it was the closest Premier League team to where I lived in London at the time and they also had a rather epic Aussie Mark Schwarzer as goalkeeper at the time.
I've been an avid supporter ever since albeit it has certainly been a roller coaster ride over that period. Whilst there has been plenty of pain and anguish as a supporter you can always guarantee that it is never dull being a Fulham supporter!!
And what a season they are having this year! Up the Whites!
PS. I'm now living in New Zealand, be interested to know if there are many kiwis on here?

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Hello from Nashville, TN. I started to follow Fulham in 2005-6 when the EPL was only available on an obscure cable channel (Bein Sports) in the US. Why? They were the only team with US players so I just figured why not? Then I fell in love with the team, the Cottage and the club as a whole. Been a loyal friend of Fulham ever since. My dream is to see a match at the Cottage. Hopefully this season as my job is now taking me to the UK. That's the short story. COYW.