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Fulham X-mas songs

Started by Sheepskin Junior, November 26, 2011, 12:32:54 PM

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Sheepskin Junior

Just thinking, since it's nearly that time, we need some new songs for the games near Christmas.
So I was thinking stuff like
He scores a goal we start cheering, he scores a goal we start cheering
He used to be ****e, but now he's alright, walking in Zamora wonderland

I'm dreaming of a White's Christmas, with every single goal we score
And may all our Christmases be black and white
And may all our Christmases be white

Any others?
Youngest ever member. Just saying.


The Bronsons

We wish you would buy a striker
We wish you would buy a striker
We wish you would buy a striker
Dear Mr Jol


Jingle bells
Chelsea smell
Q.P.R areshit
Brentford lost, there good touch,many years ago HAY
The result isa fact.The League table is a fact.The rumor that Chelsea are rubbish is a fact.Everything else is opinion


Jingle bells
Chelsea smells
Spurs can go away
Arsenal suck
QPR juck


Feed the rangers.. let them know it's Christmas time! coyw!