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### Please Read #### WCF 2014 threads on FoF
« on: June 11, 2014, 11:33:28 PM »

Hi, please read the below message, we will create the threads over the next two days and the team names will be in the thread titles so it might help.

The FoF Mods would also like to enjoy the WCF as well as everyone else, and so to reduce the boards becoming totally over-run with all different WCF threads about the same games, teams or groups, for the Group Stage we will be creating a sticky thread for each group, so members can post their thoughts in those threads and others can still use the board for non-WCF threads.

If other WCF threads are created they will be locked asap and the owners asked to repost in the group thread.

Thanks for your cooperation in this, lets make it a good WCF for all concerned on FoF