Author Topic: USMNT v. Mexico this Saturday -- at cinemas everywhere  (Read 6016 times)

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USMNT v. Mexico this Saturday -- at cinemas everywhere
« on: October 09, 2015, 01:07:15 AM »
I just got an email from the MLS folks informing me I can watch the Big Game this Saturday at a cinema house near my home.  I've never done that before -- watched a football game on the big screen before -- and thought maybe I'd go.  So I entered my zip code for my home address and up popped some nearby Cinemark movie chain houses.  Well, that's pretty slick!  I clicked on one, and learned that for $14 I can watch the game at the movie complex 4 miles from my home.  Eventually, I decided that my home theatre room would work just fine, thank you very much, and I'd save $14 plus gas.  (Or maybe I'll go to an area pub where the game is on.  But there's always the risk the place will be full, and I won't be able to see it properly.)  Anyone out there ever watched a match at the local cinema house?  If so, impressions of the experience?