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On behalf of the whole Friends of Fulham (FoF) team, welcome aboard! Please remember, all are welcome to join and enjoy this little piece of cyber bliss. Look after it, meet the locals and discover what’s involved in the Fulham experience.

Please note that your registration and subsequent use of FoF is taken as your agreement to the following rules.

A thread is generally started for a football-related reason and is intended to generate debate around that topic. Replies should be kept relevant to the topic that the original poster started.

Topics that get started, or replies on threads, that are not related to football will generally be considered unacceptable, particularly if they are likely to cause offence. Examples of topics which will not be tolerated include:
•   Politics.
•   Racist remarks.
•   Sexist remarks.
•   Homophobic remarks.
•   Sectarian and/or religious abuse.
•   Terminal illnesses.

Replies should be respectful. The following are examples of what will not be tolerated:
•   Bad language.
•   Personal abuse.
•   Bullying.
•   Provocation of others.
•   Belittling others.
•   Harassment.
•   Slander.
•   “WUM”-like behaviour.

It is understood that from time to time, especially on a football forum, controversial football-related subjects such as Hillsborough, Heysel, Bradford, Ibrox, the Munich air crash etc. will arise. We ask that any discussion is to remain respectful at all times due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

Whilst we have Fulham in common, it is inevitable that there will be disagreements between members over certain topics. This can be healthy, leading to a rich debate. However it can also end up in tears...

In such situations, common sense should apply. For example:
•   Be respectful of other people’s opinions, even when they differ from yours.
•   Refrain from getting personal. Stick to debating points, providing facts, influencing others through logical arguments, etc.
•   Think before you post... Read your intended message, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and anticipate their reaction, and remember that it is far easier to misinterpret the written word compared to if you were talking with someone over a pint of Pride. If it passes these simple tests, then press “Post”.
•   You can always choose to ignore, or agree to disagree, and then move on...

Where you are getting wound up by another poster, or a particular topic, then you can do one or a combination of the following:
•   Send a PM to the person concerned to see if you can reach agreement privately rather than waging war with each other publically.
•   Send a PM to one of the moderators, who will investigate the issue, and try and ensure a speedy and amicable resolution.
•   Pass over the thread.
•   Ignore the member, by either moving over anything they post, or using the functionality within FoF that enables you to block posts from that user.
•   Using the “Report to Moderator” functionality where a post contravenes these rules.

Whilst not banned, text talk can be confusing for some users. Please apply common sense, and try to refrain from replying to posts in text language.

Please refrain from using them constantly, as this can be interpreted as "SHOUTlNG". You wouldn’t shout your opinion in a conversation so please don’t do it on here. We don’t mind members posting in capitals for emphasis however.
We ask you to keep these to a reasonable size.

We ask members not to start multiple threads on the same subject. If this does occur, the moderators reserve the right to merge the threads.

We have no objections to their use but please don’t go overboard :) :)

Whilst FoF is predominantly a Fulham community, the views and opinions from supporters of rival clubs are both welcomed and appreciated (the exception being Alan Green - no one should take any notice of him). Of course, banter has always been a key theme of FoF but if things get abusive then we will take action.

Please try to avoid swearing, trying to disguise the words is also not acceptable either. Whilst we are aware that a degree of mild swearing will crop up from time to time, the moderators reserve the right to remove any offensive words.

Whilst some may think we possess super-hero powers, we are actually only human... Indeed I believe we all wear our underpants inside our trousers.

Whilst we like to think FoF is well moderated relative to other football forums, we actually do have day-jobs to do, social lives to lead, pubs to go to and we may also be seen at the occasional football match too.

So it may well be that there will be times when the board is mod-free, and something happens during our absence.

We can still be reached – by reporting abuse on a thread, or sending one (or more) of us a PM, then a mod will pick it up, and look to get stuck in as soon as possible.

Of course, the hope is that in following the above rules there will also be an element of self-moderation and the need for intervention by one of the mods will be kept to a minimum.

Where some form of intervention is required, the moderators have the following options available to them, depending on the circumstances:
•   Locking threads.
•   Removing threads.
•   Merging threads.
•   Suspending members.
•   Temporarily banning members.
•   A permanent ban.

Naturally, being sociable types, we will try and sort things out amicably in the first instance, make posters aware of the standards expected, warn people where necessary, providing guidance on why certain measures may have been taken, etc. so any measure taken shouldn’t be a total surprise to the person at the receiving end of it!

FoF is not responsible for any messages posted. FoF does not vouch for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message posted. The messages posted express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of FoF.

You agree, through your use of FoF, that you will not use this site to post any material which is knowingly false, defamatory, libelous, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, of a sexual content, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, in breach of copyright, or otherwise in potential violation of any law.

Enjoy FoF... And that’s an order!
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Re: Guidelines for posting on FOF
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Policy & Guidelines for Advertising / Promoting with the Friends of Fulham Forum (FoF)

Looking to promote your FFC related social media outlet, i.e. blog, website or radio talk show through The Friends of Fulham Forum?  Brilliant.  Friends of Fulham welcomes any and all Advertising / promoting that adheres to The Friends of Forum ethics and Policy Guidelines. 

What can Friends of Fulham do for you in helping to promote your social media outlet? 
On average The Friends of Fulham Forum generates 25,000 page views per day. 
What does Friends of Fulham ask in return?
All we ask then is for you to follow and adhere in the following FoF Policy / Guidelines and to help in the promotion of content provided by The Friends of Fulham Forum. 

Friends of Fulham Policy / Guidelines
1.   Any Promoting and or Advertising must be preapproved by Friends of Fulham.
2.   Any use of The Friends of Fulham FoF Logo is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Friends of Fulham. 
3.   That you look to reciprocate in the promoting of the FoF Forum.  How can you do this?
  • A.   Mention Friends of Fulham in your social media content every now and then
  • B.   Place a link back to the FoF Forum from your social media outlet's topic.
  • C.   Start a thread on the Friends of Fulham Forum discussing and promoting your topic, link that thread back to your social media outlet.
  • D.   Place a permanent Friends of Fulham FoF logo on your social media outlets website or imbed a social media feed linking back to The Friends of Fulham Forum.

Warning:  If at any time Friends of Fulham feel that it's policy / guidlines is being abused, or the forum is being spammed via your social media outlet or content, Friends of Fulham will reserve the right to remove any and all promotional content/links.  Friends of Fulham will not tolerate, permit or help to promote any content deemed inappropriate to Friends of Fulham.  Such content may pertain to but will not be limited to the likes of porn, politics or religion. 

That's it.

In return, we will give you permission to promote your content on the Friends of Fulham Forum and/or place a link to your social media outlet within your signature.  We will also help you, to the best of abilities, to promote your social media outlet and place a link within our links page.

If you have any specialist Advertisement requirements, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Friends of Fulham

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Re: Guidelines for posting on FOF
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FoF Member Status Positions - Explained

Name                             Footballs/Graphics            Required Posts     
Jari LitmanenNone   0
Michael Jackson   1
Youth Academy   2
Lakey/Dark Room  22
tjl  99
Graham Leggat  280
Legend  1000
Jimmy Hill  1987
The Bard/Corked Hat  2797
cebu  3904
Gentleman Jim  5000
Finnster01  9739
Mr Fayed     10000
Moritz Volz  15000
Cliffy Dean  20000
Mornington Crescent  50000

**April 2017, I've changed some of the graphics, rather than 'old' footballs I've used some of our previous badges to highlight members who have passed on (WhiteJC)