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FOF's May Fulham Quiz
« on: August 07, 2017, 10:06:51 PM »
FOF's May Fulham Quiz

1) Who was the last substitute used by Fulham in the Europa League final?

A) Dempsey
B) Nevland
C) Greening
D) Pantsil
E) B H Riise

2) What was Fulham’s original colours?

A) Blue
B) Red
C) White
D) Black & White stripes
E) Yellow

3) Steve Marlet wasn’t exactly a hit with Fulham supporters and this wasn’t helped when he scored a calamitous own goal in 2002 against who?

A) Arsenal
B) Chelsea
C) West Ham
D) Tottenham

4) Who did Fulham sell Allen Clarke to in 1968?

A) Leicester City
B) Walsall
C) Barnsley
D) Leeds Utd

5) Under Paul Bracewell Fulham ended 1999 in bizarre fashion. Every single fixture in December ended with the same scoreline. What was it?

A) 1v1
B) 0v0
C) Won 2v1
D) Lost 2v1

6) Which of the following 3 ex Fulham managers was in the role for the longest?

A) Lawrie Sanchez
B) Felix Magath
C) Ray Wilkins

7) Fulham completed a famous comeback against Spurs at Loftus Road in 2002, turning a 0v2 HT score into a 3v2 win. What a winner by Leggy! But who was it that equalised about 10 mins earlier?

A) Inamoto
B) Malbranque
C) Saha
D) Boa Morte

8) In 1948/49 Fulham were promoted as champions to the first division. Who finished as top scorer for the Whites? (League only)

A) Arthur Stevens
B) Charlie Mitten
C) Bob Thomas
D) Joe Bacuzzi

9) In Feb 1972 the Riverside Stand was opened for the first time. Which famous European club did Fulham play to mark the occasion?

A) Valencia
B) Benfica
C) Lazio
D) Feyenoord

10) Who was the opposition in 1985 when Fulham had 2 players sent off in the same match for the first time in their history?

A) Huddersfield
B) Cardiff
C) Brentford
D) Norwich

11) It was a special occasion when Fulham made their debut in the premier league at Old Trafford losing 3v2. Looking back there were a couple of players who came off the bench from the promotion squad who will surprise most of you. Who were they?

A) Hahnemann & Fernandes
B) Betsy & Stolcers
C) Elvis Hammond & Trollope
D) Willock & Hudson
E) S. Davis & Stolcers

12) Not including the playoffs this season (16/17) Fulham scored 85 league goals and hold the deserved nickname ‘the entertainers’. But is that enough to make them more prolific than the famous Tigana promotion side over the 46 league games?

A) Yes
B) No

13) All of these players had 2 spells at Fulham. Which player stayed away the longest before signing the second time?

A) Bobby Robson
B) Alan Mullery
C) Gordon Davies
D) Paul Parker
E) Clint Dempsey

14) In 1964 Fulham made their first appearance on Match of the Day. Against Who?

A) Man Utd
B) Everton
C) Crewe
D) Preston

15) Who was Fulham’s top scorer in the 1993/94 season?

A) Julian Hails
B) Gary Brazil
C) Sean Farrell
D) Udo Onwere