Author Topic: Suggestions to improve your Matchday streaming experience  (Read 7369 times)

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Suggestions to improve your Matchday streaming experience
« on: August 15, 2017, 06:30:20 PM »
There have been threads lately about matchday streams and FulhamFCTV being too slow and buffering.  Logicalman posted some good ideas and thoughts on this in a recent post but I thought it might be helpful to some of you if I followed up on this topic. 

Here are some solutions and suggestions for those of you who might be experiencing problems with buffering and delays.  Please understand that these are only suggestions and not guarantees. 

For the sake of this post I am going to talk in layman's terms.  So, apologies if some of you think I am talking down to you or you feel you already know this. 

I know this is obvious but I cannot stress this enough, the better your internet providers download speed, the better your router is and the better your laptop or computer then the better your connection will be to FulhamFCTV and other working matchday streams.  With that said I know not everyone can go out and buy the latest and greatest of computer equipment.  So here are some tips and suggestions to help you. 

First, you cannot always tell what the weakest link is in your download speed internet connection.  Sometimes the problem might be completely out of your hands and be at the point of origin.  What you do have control over is your own equipment and how they are functioning.

*  One thing I suggest for any laptop or desktop is that you once a week shut it down and restart it.  Let it reboot every now again as this can get rid of programs and apps that are hung up in the background slowing your computer down. 

*  Second, download speed is key to everything.  If you do not know how fast your internet speed is try clicking on this link below and following the instructions listed on the website.  It’s very easy. 

****A word of warning, sites like this advertise other services all the time.  Do not fall prey to them.  Click only on the word “GO” in the middle of the screen.

* This will test will show how fast your internet connection is for both uploading and downloading speeds.  For now, I am only going to talk about the download speed as that is more important in this case. 
For those who do not know internet speeds will be discussed in Mbps or, megabits per second.  In other words, the transfer of one million bits of data per second. 

The following is a brief break down of the internet tiers.  For a longer more detailed description please check out the link below from Yahoo.  I would say it is pretty accurate.

Download Speed: 1-4 Mbps
The 1-4 Mbps tier is at the lowest end of today's connection speeds, thus accounting for a lower price range.
**What can you expect at this tier? "There will be in general severe buffering as videos catch up.  This means delays in the streaming, or delivery, of media content.  Also, if you have a shared connection with multiple people using the Internet at the same time, your connection speed is going to be even lower.
Download Speed: 4-6 Mbps
This is becoming the norm for basic internet speeds that are needed to run a media applications and services, while retaining sufficient capacity for basic web browsing and e-mail. 
The problem with this speed tier is that it is at the minimum level needed for running streams and video-rich broadband and therefore will still have the tendency of delays and buffering. 

Download Speed: 6-10 Mbps
This connection speed is a good middle ground for most at home internet use, especially those who like to watch TV or movies on their home computer.
This is the general download speeds I would recommend for people to receive quality streams and videos. 
***It should be noted however that multiple users on this speed still might have trouble with online gaming, television viewing, or video on demand.  In other words, for the best performance at this speed range if possible make everyone else get off your network. 

Download Speed: 10-15 Mbps
This speed tier is quickly becoming the new normal for households.  In general, at these speeds you should have no problems with your matchday experience.  You may still experience some delays and buffering but they should be minimal unless there are problems with the provider of the media content. 

Download Speed: 15-50 Mbps
At this speed tier, you should be rockin’ the internet and should be able to have multiple devices downloading videos, songs and streams.  Again, you may still experience some delays and buffering but they should be minimal unless there are problems with the provider of the media content.

WIFI Problems – suggestions and solutions

WIFI problems are not always easy to solve and fix.  Below are some suggestions that I hope help you. 

* Routers and just like computers and every know again may require a reboot.  Unplug all the connections to router every now and again and restart it.  These things every now and then do go astray and need to be reset and restarted. 

* Another great way to ensure you are getting the very fastest speeds from you provider is to plug in an ethernet cable (Cat-5 or 6 cable) from your computer/laptop into your internet providers wifi router.  If you cannot plug directly into your internet providers hub.  Especially due to the hub being in another room.  Try some of these suggestions.
* Shutdown all unused applications and windows.  Too many apps working at the same time will drastically slow down your device.  This includes shutting down all other open window tabs. 
-Disconnect all non-essential devices from the internet.  As I said above, too many devices on the same network can really slow down your connection. 

* Disable and turn off all streaming services i.e., Netflix, Hulu and even YouTube.  YouTube especially as it can be a serious drain on your download speed even when it is running in the background. 

* Last of all, and I know this is going to get me in hot water, if you are experiencing bad buffering and delays avoid uploading anything.  In other words, stay off things like FoF during the game.  Uploading post to threads can hamper your download speeds causing delays and buffering if your computer or router is not fastest enough. 

I hope this helps some of you out.  If you are still experiencing problems then I would suggest you possible look at getting some better newer equipment i.e., laptop, router or internet connection. 


Some suggested products to help improve your internet speed from one room to another:

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Re: Suggestions to improve your Matchday streaming experience
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2017, 10:00:32 PM »
Many thanks for taking the time to do all that ! COYW

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Re: Suggestions to improve your Matchday streaming experience
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2017, 12:03:03 AM »
Splendid stuff, thanks for the time, especially to put it in a language that us computers 'weak links'
can understand.
I will go back through this tomorrow and put in to practice your suggestions, unless of course I am
more useless than I thought  :0}

When are you in Richmond next, I need some help pulling down some statues, it's heading this way  :0)

Thanks again.