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Patrick Viera gone

Started by Slaphead in Qatar, March 17, 2023, 09:58:17 AM

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We Are Premier League

They have a great string of games coming up so I think they will be OK in the end


Yes they are 12th, but they are 3 points of relegation as 12-20 is only separated by 5 points.  They also have scored only 6 goals in their last 12, none of those wins, and they havent scored 2 goals in a match since Dec 31. 

I am in the US, and watch a good amount of games.  They are a dreadful team to watch.  Its Burnley with less route 1 play.  They dont really connect passes and rely on a few breaks a game to get their limited goals.

Sometimes things just get stale and you need to move on, and it feels like they need some new blood to make sure they stay up.  I personally would love to see them going down because I enjoy teams that go forward and dont just play for 1-0 wins.  For me, Wolves, Forest and Palace, based on how they play, would be great to go down. 


I was pretty shocked when I heard he was sacked, very poor run of ten games (basically since New Years Day) and suddenly you are a gonna.... Feels like before that he was rather secure, and I think he should have been allowed to pull them back up.


Quote from: SP on March 17, 2023, 07:06:22 PM
Roy in talks, interesting.
Hard to think of a better choice than Roy to keep them in the Premier League.