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Re: NFR Long lost family
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Does anyone have guidance on how to search through Dutch records. I have found a branch of the family from the Groningen area. They appear out of nowhere (records wise) in 1814, and I have immigration records in 1880. I have found loads of documents from 1814-1880 with various people with that family name but none before or after in the Netherlands. I realise 1814 was a bit hectic in the Netherlands with everything going on the France, but does anyone have a suggestion on how navigate the Dutch records?

Which site/service are you using?

I have traced my wife's family back from present day US through immigration in 1901-1910 back to the Netherlands. The hardest was the changing of names that occurred, but I have been fortunate that my wife's parents are both still alive together with a spattering of other relatives (first and second generation US) and they help me with translations. It's also useful to have some maps at hand, including aged ones from the time period you are tracing through.