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FoF Man of the Match Fulham v Tottenham

Started by love4ffc, March 04, 2021, 07:00:25 PM

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Who was your FOF MOTM v Tottenham Hotspur = Anderson


Lemina. Massive in the central midfield, absolutely bossed it.

toshes mate

Andersen for me closely followed by Harrison Reed who was a beast in midfield.


Andersen for me. Some of his long passes from the back remind me of Haynes and Hoddle, not bad for a centre back.  :54:




We are still playing with 9 players at any one time. Yesterday Cav had an awful match, he really should not be starting especially when we have Bobby Reid. He totally failed to be more than a spectator and got in zero decent crosses. Honestly we need goals, get our leading goalscorer Bobby in the starting line up and if he plays badly do what we did v Palace, bring Cav on as a wide man sub.

RLC played his best so far. Robinson excellent going forward. Tosin had his worst game for a while, the goal was his fault for losing it in their half, and Maja was excellent. Poor Lemina played really well but missed a sitter and that VAR decision well.....

But Cav and Lookman (who had a poor game for him) were both short of the mark. Everyone else great, especially our captain.

Oh Yes and Mitro did nothing. He did not even make front post runs.


Anderson has tbe one of the best 10 players ever to wear our shirt
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john dempsey

voted Andersen, bit weird though that spurs offered virtually
no attacking threat yet Andersen was our best player.