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NEW FOF'cast 🎙🎧 A life of Grimes

Started by Friendsoffulham, August 06, 2021, 01:07:43 PM

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Hi all,

New episode of FOF'cast is ready for you to download and listen to from SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify etc.

Owen Smith takes to the Mic once again, and is joined by Scott Tanfield, Gerry Pimm, and Mike Gregg as they discuss the following FFC topics:

⚽  Our old foe, the Sky Bet Championship

⚽  Where will the other two ex-FFC managers stack up this season?

⚽  Which players do we fear losing the most?

⚽  Silva's comments about strengthening

⚽  Charlton friendly

⚽  Middlesbrough game and predictions




Thanks once again for listening, your feedback is always appreciated to help improve future shows.




Listened with interest and enjoyed it although did think the three guests sounded a bit world weary.
It is noticeable the closer you are to the club the more titbits you pick up which is great for the listeners.
I'm with two of you, I believe we are undercooked but still fancy us for a 1 - 1 draw.
The atmosphere's fresh and the debate lively.


Anyone can blend into the crowd.  How will you standout when it counts?