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Fulham FC Films / Movies Archive thread... PART II

Started by LBNo11, January 09, 2011, 07:21:02 PM

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LBNo11 member tavytina has been putting some great old archive Fulham FC related films on you tube, and as the old thread had reached it's embedded limit these must have a new place:-

1920 craven cottage
Twitter: @LBNo11FFC


1936 Fulham v Sheff utd at wolves

tavytina, I will see if we can increase the limit and PM you - thanks for the ones sent so far, they are wonderful viewing...
Twitter: @LBNo11FFC


...Peabody, I'm sure when we have sorted out the embedding limit tavytina will put this one up too - I see he is trying to put them up in a chronological order. There is one of Fulham training in 1967 with Johnny Haynes that I cannot wait to be put on here..!
Twitter: @LBNo11FFC