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Re: USMNT fans...
« Reply #20 on: January 19, 2011, 03:09:58 PM »
Yea I remember that as well, I probably hate Mexico more than Chelscum.

Do you remember the WC qualifier vs them in Columbus last cycle?

When Marquez kicked Timmy in the thigh, one of the most despicable things I have ever personally seen at a game I was at.
Or when they were passing out Landy Cakes voodoo dolls? They are a disgrace to the game and I wish nothing but injuries and pain on the whole team (except our boy Salcido )

James I was at that game also.  Thunderstorm in the middle of winter that stopped just in time for the match.  Lots of fun, although the Crew/US Soccer did a horrible job of hosting that match.  
The kick to Timmy was disgraceful but that's what you expect from Marquez, he's as bad as DeJong.  The head-butt/karate-kick to Cobi Jones was the worst.  I cant believe the Red Bulls actually signed such an a** to a DP contract.  $5million and he scored 1 goal, I believe.  

Still the worse Mexican infraction I have ever seen was when Aguirre, the coach, tripped a player from the opposition (Panama or someone, cant remember) during the run of play.  Panamonium, no pun intended, nearly broke out.  I seriously dont understand how anyone can support that team, Mexican or not they should be ashamed.

It's the "Millwall Effect," Ms. Maureen. However it translates into Spanish, I think the feeling is very much like the Lions' "Everyone hates us; we don't care."