NEW FOF’cast🎙 Lookman, it just ain’t good enough

On this episode of FOF’cast, we are joined by regular guests Owen Smith and Gerry Pimm as we discussed the following Fulham FC topics:

The 4-3 defeat to Leeds – Defensive frailties again, but did we show character and fight?

The departure of Javier Pereira – Only joined in January, seemed a bit odd?

The 2-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday in the Carabao Cup – Team changes, lots of positives?

Jean Michael Seri – Here to stay at Fulham, or should he still go?

Tony Khan’s Transfer Video – Rambling nonsense, it did it make a lot of sense?

Possible return of Terrance Kongolo – Unfinished business, was he spotted in Chelsea with his Agent?

Still no Centre Backs – Becoming a regular topic on the show now.

Aston Villa – Thoughts on Monday Nights clash, are 3 points desperately needed?

Villa Predictions – Will it be a win, loss or draw?

Thanks once again for listening, link to the show is below.

15 Replies to “NEW FOF’cast🎙 Lookman, it just ain’t good enough”

  1. If we can pump in three at Leeds we can surely repeat. Three always needed. Khan. You have to remember the manager coaches and scouts on his group. CBS ain’t easy to find. Not many in PREM. I fancy a win. Zambo was an improvement attacked through midfield rather than the sideways style. Need to play a higher press. Paid Arsenal too much respect. They looked shaky versus Wham who ran at them. Shudda won.

  2. We desperately need at least 1 centre half if not 2 and maybe a person who knows who and how to recruit instead of talking about statistics working on computers. This is Fulham, not a Yankee Doodle outfit selling hamburgers and fries.

    We all saw what Mr Khan did 2 years ago and if anybody should be fired, it’s him or he should be holding another position in the club like taking care of the development of the new stand that is being built.

    We desperately need 3 points against Villa and let’s get Aina to play centre half. He is a decent player so get him on the field.

    I have been a Fulham supporter since 1972.

    Sorry to be so harsh, but already 2 losses and still not enough good players to face up to the enormous task of playing in the premiership

  3. Of course more players will be coming in and at least one will be a centre back. Mawson wouldn’t have been sent to BC on loan without a plan. I appreciate we need one quickly but I don’t think transfers are quite as straightforward as you guys suggest.

    I like Tony Khan and think there’s a refreshing openness about how he talks about the club.

    Bad attitudes?? Is Parker such a liar? He says the spirit in the squad/club is great.

    I would also like to suggest that Parker won’t publicly state he isn’t being supported as you suggest he will.

  4. What concerns me is Tony Khan’s earlier Transfer video, where he suggests that he will not pay the club prices quoted for players in the first few weeks of the Transfer window. So is he waiting for player transfer prices to fall next week before he eventually makes some offers? Scott needed key players a few weeks ago. Are we repeating the same old 2018-2019 mistakes?

  5. C’mon guys! Appreciate your interest with our club and your straight talking , but surely at least one of you can bother to watch the games.! Difficult to take seriously observations on a game none of you managed to watch . All caribou cup games streamed via a very simply link and minor cost of £10, as I’m sure you know

  6. We need a leadèr on the field, preferably in the shape of a new c/b…….and as it’s been said…it’s not easy. Dawson has been suggested, who has the Captain credentials but no longer premiership quality (imo). I would like to see us go for Fonte( Rui’s Brother)….he’s 36 but he’s fit, has huge experience fighting for survival in the prem…and he’s a leader…plus Todibo….would be a great window.

  7. Today Bryan. Odoi. Mitro Zambo. Put in a shift. Difference midfield pace they had it and used it. Ours more of a Walkabout which will trouble no one. Joe Bryan only support to Mitro in last third. Couldn’t figure out why we went back to Arsenal side. Knockhaert shudda come on to provide midfield energy sadly lacking. The defence. No one in the middle controlling things. Be interesting to see whether that goal wudda been knocked off at the end. Doubt it. Geza went on the deck as they did throughout and it went their way.

  8. On a comparison with two years ago. We have a few more options going forward. The defence looks the same. No improvement. Games tend to be won from midfield. Here I see no improvement either. Too slow and helps neither attack or defence. Need a player who is happy to drive forward at pace. Zambo did that a bit against Leeds. Need more of it. Knockers I would play as well for energy. The media not the sharpest target the defence. Midfield ain’t too clever either.

  9. I read Lookman who started with Charlton and played for England age group in WC can play across all five fwd positions and scores. We need support for Mitro. Can’t rely on one bloke.

  10. The penalty shambles yesterday suggests FFC need to follow England and practice penalties to establish a pecking order. Two missed three points tossed away. The first Mitro tried to burst the net rather than placement. The second gave Wham keeper catching practice. Neither professional.

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