Games for the Weekend 3/11

Our first Monday evening game sees us travelling to Huddersfield

Huddersfield v Fulham

Who decides on these idiotic fixtures where the opposing team has to travel so far for a non-weekend fixture? I can understand ‘local’ games being midweek however expecting fans to take time off work both before and after the game shows that its no longer about the supporter, by the time they get home it’ll be the early hours!

Anyhow, this must be an away game that Slaviša has penciled in as a possible win, after recent results we need to get some points and as the next away game at Liverpool I think we’ll be travelling more in hope than expectation?

Lets see if the team can provide the fireworks on the pitch

Games of Interest

Saturday 3rd
Cardiff v Leicester
Everton v Brighton
Newcastle v Watford

Sunday 4th
Chelsea v Palace

Monday 5th
Huddersfield v Fulham



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