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Thoughts on Oldham FA Cup match.

Everything below is what I would do if I were in charge and just an opinion.  I do think Ranieri will do the opposite however and play pretty much the first team and his usual starting XI.  For the most part at least.  I don’t really see Ranieri reaching down into the U23’s or U18’s this season as I don’t think that is his style.  I hope to be proven wrong.  
I am a firm believer of playing every match to win.  Regardless of the league or competition.  So, for the upcoming match against Oldham I would like to see a combination of first team players and youngsters.  
My line up would include keeping the back for the most part the same.  I would do this so that the back continues to gel and learn each other’s playing style and thoughts.  As for the front I would sit Mitro as there is no need for him to play and possibly get a knock.  I would also sit Tom and Seri and give some of our U23’s a chance to shine.  With that in mind I would start the following line-up.  

team against Oldham

Subs would be Harvey Elliott for Ryan, de la Torre for Vietto and Chambers for either Kmac or Johansen.  All of this of course would be contingent on the game going our way.  

The reason I choose Steven and the above players is because this is a great match for them to show everyone what they can bring to the first team for both the remainder of this season and the future.

This first player that I really would like to see in this match is Steven Sessegnon.  I believe he is fully health and should get a chance to show that like his brother he can bring a lot to the first team.  I would like to see him start either on the right wing for Christie or as the right center fullback for Odoi.  From what match footage I’ve seen of him I think he could possible do either position and quite possible even make the first team bench as a sub player.  

The other two youngsters I would include for this match; de la Torre as I think he is and can be a regular squad player and Harvey Elliott as it would be great to see him get a run with some of the first team players.    

I’m sure everyone has also notice I put Tom and Seri on the bench.  Just like Mitro I just don’t think we should take a chance on Tom getting a knock.   I do think Tom should be starting more and would prefer Seri to be more of a sub rather than playing alongside Tom in the midfield.  As for Seri not starting, I have no real reason other than I think this would be a good game for Kmac and Johansen to get a good run out.  

My captain for the match would be Kmac if he starts, obviously.  If he does not start, then Johansen.  If neither Kmac or Johansen get the nod and Tom is not in the starting XI then I give the arm band to MLM.  Why you ask would I give it to MLM?  Because I actually think he plays decent football and I believe he could step up and take the mantel if needed.  

So, with all that said I really do hope to see both Fulham use some of its youth and get a solid win for once.

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  1. I’d rest even more of the starting 11 than that, if I’m honest. This is a nothing game and I don’t even care if we lose. It’s unfortunate to be one of ‘those’ teams, but we genuinely only have one concern this season and that’s staying up. The cups are a distraction we do not need, and we don’t have the squad depth to be able to put out a second 11 as strong as our first 11. There is nothing more important than winning at Burnley next weekend, and we absolutely must get points from Southampton, Brighton, and even Palace and West Ham throught January and February, because we’re not going a single one in March, and after that time is running dangerously low.

    So yes, I’d start Steven Sess, Kev, Stefan, Vietto, and Luca. I’d give Cisse more game time if he’s going to be in real contention for a centre-midfield spot, and play Kebano instead of Ryan Sess. Odoi doesn’t need to play either, so pair Fosu-Mensah with Steven on the right.

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