Games for the Weekend 04/05

This weekend we travel to the midlands to give Wolverhampton Wanderers a game.

Wolves v Fulham

So we’ve won our last 3 games without conceding a goal, I wonder what odds you’d have got on that earlier this season?
Wolves have had a fantastic season, they’ll comfortably finish in the top 10 above established Premiership teams such as Everton and West Ham.
However we must be full of confidence and, based on last seasons games, be looking forward to our trip to Molineux.


Games of Interest…

Friday 3rd
Everton v Burnley

Saturday 4th
Cardiff v Palace
Newcastle v Liverpool
Wolves v Fulham

Sunday 5th
Huddersfield v Man Utd
Arsenal v Brighton

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Games for the Weekend 26/04

Cardiff make the trip along the M4 to visit the Cottage this Saturday

Fulham v Cardiff

This could be interesting.
After 2 wins and 2 clean sheets we’re up against one of our fellow promoties and one of the remaining relegation candidates.
Colin will have his men fired-up for this match as I’m sure they’ll believe that this is their most winnable remaining game, Palace and Man U being their last games of the season.
But then I’m sure both Everton and Bournemouth would have thought the same.

Scotty Parker appears to have got the team playing the way he wants and surely can’t be doing his ‘permeant’ manger chances any harm, however this game will show how he/we cope with a team battling for their premiership survival. It’ll be a tough physical game that could see Cardiff joining us in the Championship next season, Im certain Mr Warnock and his team will do everything to avoid that result…


Games of Interest…

Friday 26th
Liverpool v Huddersfield

Saturday 27th

Fulham v Cardiff
Southampton v Bournemouth
Brighton v Newcastle

Sunday 28th
Burnley v Man City

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Games for the Weekend 20/04

We visit Bournemouth for this weekend’s game.

Bournemouth v Fulham

Both teams had good results last weekend, wasn’t it great to score two and keep a clean sheet!
Not that it really matters but I think we might sneak a result against Bournemouth, they’re a good team but have little to play for, their safe in mid-table but won’t be competing for a Europa run.
Mitro’ is due a goal, or two?, and for some reason I fancy him to get on the score sheet, mind you I think that every game so its about time he proved me right!


Games of Interest…

Friday 20th
Liverpool v Huddersfield

Saturday 27th
Bournemouth v Fulham
Huddersfield v Watford
Newcastle v Southampton

Sunday 21st
Cardiff v Liverpool

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The View from South Texas – Fulham 2 Everton 0

by HatterDon

Let me say that again: Fulham 2 Everton 0. After nine consecutive matches without a point or a clean sheet, we beat a team fighting for Europe 2-0. Wowser.

I watched Everton take care of Arsenal coolly and easily on Sunday, and I expected the same for us today, but it never happened. Here’s why – my opinion only of course: All season we have blamed our back line for our generosity towards opponents. I haven’t seen it that way. I’ve seen basically three major factors in our goals against: (1) Our defensive midfield tends to pass sideways until every teammate is covered upfield and, then, one of them will send a weak backpass to a defender giving an opponent an easy one-on-one. (2) Our keepers are reluctant to boot the ball upfield to relieve pressure when we’re under consistent attack. Short passes increase the pressure and goals result. (3) Our strikers and attacking mids DON’T pressure the ball when we lose possession. They fall back, giving our opponents free rein to attack before our defensive wall has a chance to form.

The first thing I noticed today was that Parker reversed #3. Our front guys – especially Babel and Cairney were aggressive whenever we lost possession. The result? Either we won the ball or, if Everton won it, they faced a defense with nobody out of position. Throughout the first half, we looked disciplined – even though I thought it weird to have LaMarchand on the back line with Ream and Bryan.

The second thing that I noticed was that Mitrovic decided that nobody wearing blue belonged on the pitch with him. He was a major pain-in-the-ass to Everton’s defenders for the entire 90. He was a hungry, angry bully out there and TODAY we actually got the ball to him on a regular basis. 

The first half was all evens. We looked the better side, but I scored another cup of coffee convinced that we’d find a way to collapse in the second half. Well, THAT pressure was eased in less than a minute. Ryan Babel, who did precious little attacking in the first 45, picked a Toffee pocked, juked and turned, and then found Cairney who coolly scored. Less than 40 seconds into the half and we’re up 1-0.

And, of course, knowing this side well and being a Fulham supporter anyhow, I waited for the inevitable collapse. I try NOT to take it personally when we look decent in the first part of a match and then, the second we concede, look like a kid whose dropped his lolly in the dirt. But Mitro and Cairney and – FINALLY Sessegnon [who was invisible in the first 45] kept the pressure up, kept being the attacking side. Everton, frankly, looked overwhelmed. 

As the match went on, I had two chants – I was alone in the apartment, so … – the first was “get the second” and the third was “clean sheet.” The first prayer was answered in the 69th minute. Mitro, naturally, seized on a well-contested ball and sent it into the Everton half where it met Ryan Babel. The former Liverpool man charged upfield with three Toffees following and scooped the ball over Pickford’s head into an empty net. 2-0. Holy crap!

About that clean sheet … . You know, I never thought I’d see us get a clean sheet and have our keeper the LEAST effective player on the pitch. Once we took the lead, Rico was horrible. Twice he punched a ball any of us could have caught. That was bad enough, but both punches went straight up in the air. Kudos to our defenders for covering him. Betts anyone?

But, all ended well, and we deserved the win. It’s a win made sweeter by the fact that Cardiff lost by the same score. 

HatterDon’s Man of the Match: With a strong nod to Babel who made both goals, it’s got to be Mitrovic. Man, I loves me some bad-ass centre forwards, and Mitro is all that. COYW

Games for the Weekend 12/04

This weekend its the blue half of Liverpool, Everton to come to the Cottage.

Fulham v Everton

So now that we’re relegated will Scott play some of the youngsters, will the loanees still get a game, if so why?
Fulham players, all of them, need to play with pride and now that we’ve “nothing to play for” perhaps they’ll be able to play with a level of freedom now that the pressures off?IF Scott really wants the managers job “full time” he may well continue with the loanees as he probably thinks that they’ll give him his best chance for his first win as a manager, if he looses all of his games in charge he’ll almost certainly have no chance of the job full time?

Whatever team we field Everton will be a tricky game, they’ve had some good results recently, historically we do quite well against them at home but I think our “attitude” will be the major factor for this game?


Games of Interest…

Friday 12th
Leicester v Newcastle

Saturday 13th
Spurs v Huddersfield
Brighton v Bournemouth
Burnley v Cardiff
Fulham v Everton
Southampton v Wolves

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Games for the Week 02/04

Tuesday see’s us travel the relatively sort distance to Watford’s Vicarage Road ground.

Watford v Fulham

With Mitro coming back from international duty injured I can’t see us winning this game.
Anything other than a win against Watford will see us relegated, 18 points available and a 17 point gap between us and Burnley and Southampton both of who have a far better goal difference than us -22 and -15 respectively against our -43. To avoid relegation we need to win every game and either Burnley and/or Southampton must loose all of their remaining games!


Games of Interest…

Tuesday 2nd
Watford v Fulham

Wednesday 3rd
Man City v Cardiff

Friday 5th
Southampton v Liverpool

Saturday 6th
Bournemouth v Burnley
Huddersfield v Leicester
Newcastle v Palace

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Games for the Weekend 30/03

This Saturday it’s the other title contenders, Man City, turn to visit the Cottage.

Fulham v Man City

Well the 2nd half against Liverpool showed that theres a good team hidden amongst the current crop of Fulham players, even after yet another loss we played a better game and showed some fight.
This is another game that I don’t expect us to get anything from, if we can keep the score ‘respectable’ then that will be a good result for us?

It’s worth keeping an eye out for the Burnley, Cardiff and Southampton results, over the next two games as if Burnley and Southampton get a win and we loose both games then we would be mathematically relegated as the most points we could achieve would be 32 points, currently Burnley & Southampton are on 30.
Should Cardiff win their next two games, Fulham loose both and either Burnley or Southampton win a game then we’d be relegated.
On the bright side, if we manage to get, highly unlikely, 15 points from the remaining 7 games, and other results go in our favour, even more unlikely, then we would be safe.
If it comes down to goal difference then we’re in trouble, currently we’re -41 the worst in the division, and with the game against City, +58, I can only see that figure climbing.

Remember that this game is the early Saturday kick-off at 12:30


Games of Interest…

Saturday 30th
Fulham v Man City
Brighton v Southampton
Burnley v Wolves
Palace v Huddersfield

Sunday 31st
Cardiff v Chelsea

Monday 1st
Arsenal v Newcastle

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Games for the Weekend 16/03

On Sunday we welcome title hopeful’s Liverpool to the Cottage.

Fulham v Liverpool

Following the outcry, in some ‘pool quarters, about the gentle ribbing from the last home program, if you didn’t read it it contained a comment on how Roy Hodgson was treated by the Liverpool “fans” whilst he was their manager. The article was meant to be a bit of fun, but understandably? some of the “best fans in the world” didn’t find it amusing, oh well some you win… (most we loose)

Last weekend’s game against Leicester, well the 2nd half was better than the first however we still showed how frail our defence is.
Liverpool are very strong favourites to win this game comfortably however if Scotty and Stuart can build on the team spirit shown in the previous two games we could well give Liverpool a run for their money.

Games of Interest

Saturday 16th
Bournemouth v Newcastle
Burnley v Leicester
West Ham v Huddersfield

Sunday 17th
Fulham v Liverpool

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Games for the Weekend 9/03

This weekend we travel to the East Midlands to take on Leicester City at the King Power Stadium.

Leicester v Fulham

So after Scott’s first game in charge there’s a renewed sense of togetherness at Fulham, we all know that we’re almost certainly going to get relegated but the game against Chelsea showed more of the ‘old’ Fulham spirit.
With Tom and Ryan playing in their preferred positions we looked far effective going forward. We still have issues at the back but with Stuart Grey back in charge on defensive coaching we might get a little tighter? fingers crossed

With both teams having changed their managers, this will both Scott and Brendan Rogers 2nd game in charge, and coincidentally both loosing their 1st games 2-1, I’m sure they will both want to get a positive result this weekend.

Vardy went off injured at the end of Leicester’s game against Watford so they could struggle in front of goal? clutching at straws I know.

Games of interest…

Saturday 9th
Palace v Brighton
Cardiff v West Ham
Huddersfield v Bournemouth
Leicester v Fulham
Newcastle v Everton
Southampton v Spurs

Sunday 10th
Liverpool v Burnley

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Games for the Weekend 02/03

Sunday see’s us welcome our, geographically, closest rivals Chelsea to the Cottage.

Fulham v Chelsea

Over the years this fixture has always been the one that I look forward to, a chance to ‘put one over’ the team in blue and despite our form this season theres still that faint glimmer that we can get a result to restore some local pride.

remember that this game has an ‘odd’ start time of 5 past 2.

Games of Interest…

Saturday 2nd
Brighton v Huddersfield
Burnley v Palace
Wolves v Cardiff
West Ham v Newcastle

Sunday 3rd
Fulham v Chelsea

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