Games for the Weekend 07/05

Our last game of the season we travel to Bramall Lane to take on Sheffield Utd

Sheffield Utd v Fulham

Well the game against Luton was more like it! what a team performance, the 3rd time we’ve scored 7 this season, thats 106, ONE HUNDRED AND SIX goals in a season, we’re the first team in 20 years to hit 100. We’re also the first team in 60 years to score 50 goals both home and away.
It was fitting that Tom scored the 100th, and quite astounding that 6 players, Cairney, Tete, Carvalho, Mitro (2), DeCordova-Reid and Seri got on the the score sheet.
Mitro’s couple takes him past Guy Whittingham’s 42, what was Parker thinking last season?

Oh and by the way we’re Champions.

This should have been a game between my two favourite Fulham managers of recent years, unfortunately SlaviĊĦa’s term at Sheffield was cut short, didn’t they know his teams take a while to get started? I guess as they’ve a reasonable chance of staying in the play-offs they’d argue they made the correct decision.

Curent form:
Sheffield Utd – DLDWW
Fulham – LWDLW

Our recent record against the Blades is a quite good with 4 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws.

Assuming no injuries my team would be…


Games of interest…

Saturday 7th
Bournemouth v Millwall
Huddersfield v Bristol City
Hull v Forest
Luton v Reading
Preston NE v M’borough
Sheff Utd v Fulham
Swansea v QPR

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Games for the Weekend 30/04

We welcome Luton Town to the Cottage for our last home game of the season

Fulham v Luton Town

Fulham do like doing things the hard way don’t they? we’re only 1 point from being crowned Champions, 1 goal away from 100 in the season and Mitro still needs a couple to top Guy Whittingham’s record, everything is so painfully close but we still have to wait, welcome to FFC.

It’s a shame that the Luton game has been moved to a Monday evening, wouldn’t it have been better to have the last home game at 3 o’clock on Saturday to give the fans and players a more appropriate time to celebrate the season?
I guess we’ll have to get used not having Saturday kick-offs next season in the Premier League.

Luton are still fighting for a play-off spot, haven’t they had a tremendous, if unexpected season, so this will be, yet again, another tough game, we all know that theres no easy games in the Championship.

Curent form:
Fulham – LLWDL
Luton – DLWWD

Our recent record against Luton is a win and 2 draws.

Assuming no injuries my team would be…


Games of interest…

Friday 29th
QPR v Sheff Utd

Saturday 23rd
Blackburn v Bournemouth
Coventry v Huddersfield
M’borough v Stoke
Millwall v P’borough
Forest v Swansea

Monday 2nd
Fulham v Luton

Tuesday 3rd
Bournemouth v Forest

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Games for mid-week 26/04

Time for the rearranged home fixture against Nottingham Forest

Fulham v Nottingham Forest

I had hoped to see another Mitro hat-trick and 3 points that would have confirmed us as Champions, oh well, I should have known that wouldn’t happen as I’ve followed Fulham for far too long?
Over on the forum bobby01 pointed out that, before yesterday, Fulham had the least yellow cards, Fulham 65, Reading & Blackpool 68, Hull 70 and Huddersfield 71, most cards Blackburn 99, Cardiff 94, M’boro 94, Stoke 88 and Bournemouth 87, yet somehow Fulham got 7 yellows, Bournemouth got 3, and Marco sent off, how could we have gone from 1.6 a game to 7? somebody needs to have a close look at the referee, wasn’t he the same ref’ who sent off Joachim Andersen and award a penalty last season? Andersen’s red card was later rescinded.
Anyhow, a least Mitro’s goal takes him closer, definitely over the line, to breaking another record and Fulham closer to 100 goals for the season.

Forest are on a really good run and will be looking for automatic promotion, they’ll be full of confidence and hoping to overtake Bournemouth for the second slot. If Bournemouth loose their remaining games (4) and Forest win 2 or theirs (4), then they’ll overtake them and join us in the Premier League next season.
However we’ll still need the points to secure/confirm Champion status, one more win and Bournemouth can only catch not overtake us, and as our goal difference is 31 more than them, then we’d be Champions.

Curent form:
Fulham – WLLWD
Forest – WWLWW

Our record against Forest is reasonably even with 6 wins, 4 losses and a draw, we won the away fixture 0-4.

Assuming no injuries, I’d give Tete another run out, my team would be…


Games of interest…

Tuesday 26th
Fulham v Forest
Swansea v Bournemouth

Wednesday 27th
M’borough v Cardiff

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Games for the Week-end 23/04

We visit the Vitality Stadium to take on Bournemouth in this “top of the table” Championship title decider? clash

Bournemouth v Fulham

Over on the FoF forum Ludlow Richard, our stats Maestro, pointed out that the 3-0 home win was the fourth win by that score, Stoke, West Brom, Millwall and now Preston NE, beats our previous record of 3 such wins in a season.
The win also means that our home and away records are identical P21 W13 D4 L4. If we score one more goal at home and one more goal away it will be our first season where we have scored 50 goals at home and 50 goals away.

The win against Preston saw our guaranteed promotion, a win against Bournemouth will secure the Championship title!

Hopefully this will be a more exciting game than the home fixture earlier in the season, ParkerBus anyone?
Wouldn’t it be fitting if Mitro scored a hat-trick, if only to prove a point to Mr Parker? but also to beat Guy Wittingham’s 42 goal record from the 1992-93 season.

Curent form:
Bournemouth – WLDDW
Fulham – WWLLW

Our recent record against Bournemouth isn’t too good with only 1 win, 3 losses and 1 draw.

Assuming no injuries my team would be…


Games of interest…

Friday 22nd
Huddersfield v Barnsley

Saturday 23rd
Luton v Blackpool
Birmingham v Millwall
Bournemouth v Fulham
P’borough v Forest
Sheff Utd v Cardiff
Stoke v QPR
Swansea v M’borough

Monday 25th
Preston NE v Blackburn

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Fulham FC fantasy kits

2022-2023 season

Over on the forum we’ve been discussing the possibility that Adidas won’t be providing next seasons kits, this has not been confirmed.

Here are some fantasy designs…






these are all “fantasy” kits, we’ve no “inside information” on who will be the kit suppliers or what form they’ll take, it’ll be interesting to see what next seasons real one will look like.

Games for Easter Monday 18/04

Yet another moved game, we should have welcomed Preston to the Cottage for a 3 o’clock Monday kick-off but it’s been moved to Tuesday evening at 19:45

Fulham v Preston NE

Well, Derby managed to spoil the party again, like many I’ve still not forgotten ’83. Loosing two games in a row hasn’t happened this season so I can’t really complain too much but still do, this is Fulham after all.

So if Forest don’t win against West Brom then we’ll be promoted, I’d much rather we get the win against Preston, nothing against Preston but I think it would be “better” for us to gain promotion with a win rather than by another team loosing?

I would also prefer that Mitro gets the goal that secures promotion, just to further cement him into the Fulham archives.

Our performances have been below where we were earlier in the season, hopefully Marko will have worked his magic to re galvanise the squad.

Current Form:
Fulham – LWWLL
Preston NE – LLWWD

Our recent record against Preston is very good with 5 wins, 1 loss and 3 draws

My team would be


Games of Interest…

Monday 18th
Rovers v Stoke
Bristol City v Sheff Utd
Cardiff v Luton
Coventry v Bournemouth
Middlesborough v Huddersfield
Millwall v Hull
Forest v West Brom
QPR v Derby

Tuesday 19th
Fulham v Preston NE

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Games for Good Friday 15/04

We’re on our travels again, this time to face Derby at Pride Park

Derby County v Fulham

Well Coventry have become our boogie team for this season, we’ve only lost twice by more than one goal, both times to Coventry!

A notable point from the game was that it was Tim Ream’s 250th for Fulham, in my opinion this is his best season so far, long may he continue.

“On paper” we should have an easy game against Derby as we’re 55 points ahead of them and have a goal difference of 66, however, Derby still have an outside chance of staying up and will be fighting for every point, and they played really well against us earlier this season.

Current Form:
Derby – LLDWL
Fulham – DLWWL

Our recent record against the rams very even, slightly in Derbys favour with 4 wins, 5 losses and 6 draws, we drew 0-0 earlier in the season.

Assuming no injuries my team would be…


Games of Interest…

Friday 15th
Bournemouth v Middlesborough
Derby v Fulham
Huddersfield v QPR
Luton v Forest
Peterborough v Blackburn
Preston NE v Millwall
Sheff Utd v Reading

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Games for the Week-end 09/04

At last a home game! we welcome Coventry City to the Cottage for a 3 o’clock kick off, albeit on Sunday

Fulham v Coventry

Wednesday’s away win at Middlesborough drew the 5 consecutive games to a close with 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, not a bad return.

Mitro’s 38 goal of the season was a thing of beauty, straight off the training ground? the movement, delivery and execution was first class, if Real Madrid did that we’d never hear the end of it!

If, and its a big if, Forest loose to Birmingham and we beat Coventry then we’ll be promoted, roll on the weekend.

Our only recent previous game against Coventry saw us fall to our heaviest defeat of the season when they scored 4 to our 1. It’s worth noting that after that game we went on to win the next 7 games scoring 25 goals and conceding only 2.

Current Form:
Fulham – WDLWW
Coventry – WLDDL

It’s getting increasingly difficult to select who to start and who should be on the bench, a case could easily be made for virtually every player? anyway here is my team…


Games of Interest…

Saturday 9th
Sheff Utd v Bournemouth
Millwall v Barnsley
Forest v Birmingham City
Preston NE v QPR

Sunday 10th
Fulham v Coventry

Monday 11th
Huddersfield v Luton

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Games for mid-week 06/04

For our 5th away game in a row with travel up to the Riverside Stadium to take on Middlesbrough.

Middlesborough v Fulham

Another really good team performance against QPR, I think we were lucky with the pen’, if it had been given against is I would have been annoyed, however overall I think we controlled the game and didn’t look “in danger” at any time.
With 8 games remaining Mitro’ is scoring goals for fun, 37 so far, he’s fast approaching the all-time Fulham goals scored in a season record, Bedford Jezzard (39) in 1953-54 and Frank Newton (43) in 1931-32. Mitro has now scored 90 goals for Fulham, level with a certain flying winger, Les Barrett, I’m sure Ed (LBno11) won’t begrudge Mitro passing his boyhood hero’s landmark in the near future?

Another player approaching a land-mark is Tim Ream, closing in on 250 appearances and has played every minute of every league game this season, and hardly put a foot wrong, he’s also having the best season of his Fulham career?

A Wednesday evening in Middlesborough, I really can’t see many travelling fans for this game, do we have to travel further than Tyneside for an away game this season?

Middlesborough had a very good away win on Saturday 0-4 against Peterborough and will be looking to cement their play-off position, their currently 5th. If we win we’ll only need 3 more wins to gain promotion, assuming Forest don’t loose, if Forest loose we only need 2 wins.

Current Form:
Middlesborough – WLDWW
Fulham – WWDLW

Our recent record against Middlesborough is close. 5 wins, 3 losses and 5 draws.

My team…


Games of Interest…

Tuesday 5th
Millwall v Swansea
P’borough v Luton
Sheff Utd v QPR

Wednesday 6th
Middlesborough v Fulham
Forest v Coventry
West Brom v Bournemouth

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Games for the Week-end 02/04

We make the short trip to Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium (Loftus Road) for our 4th of 5 away games in a row.

QPR v Fulham

3 weeks without a game is far too long at this time of year!, still we’re back with a derby game against StefJo’s QPR, stand by for some serious shit-housery coming our way.

Hopefully all players will have returned from their international duties without injury, I’m reasonably sure that Robinson would have returned too late to be included in the squad?

Reports are that we played a friendly against Watford last weekend, Bobby De Cordova-Reid scored the only goal, so those not away would have had a bit of a competitive run out.

Current Form
Fulham – WWWDL

Our recent record against QPR is really very good with 10 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws.

My team, assuming no illness or injuries …


Games of Interest…

Friday 1st
Hull v Huddersfield

Saturday 2nd
Bournemouth v Bristol City
Coventry v Blackburn
Luton v Millwall
QPR v Fulham
Stoke v Sheff Utd

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