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General Discussion / Re: Player recruitment and planning ahead
« Last post by The Rational Fan on Today at 12:25:35 PM »
At least four players coming in January, apparently Khan snr wants us to stay up at all cost

How do we know what Tony Khan is buying at least four players?
General Discussion / Re: Racism
« Last post by snarks on Today at 12:22:47 PM »
Never seen any racism following Fulham, (although when Chelsea had the female physio, the abuse she got was terrible, and made me feel ashamed), although I have seen it at other grounds. The most recent example was at St Mary's (we get tickets through work and I was taking clients,) where some bloke was being very racist to one of their own players. He was clearly on something and I mentioned it to a steward, but they had to actually catch him saying it, and every time the steward walked past he shut up.

I really don't get the mentality
General Discussion / Re: Team against West Ham - Saturday 15/12/18
« Last post by FFC1987 on Today at 12:10:33 PM »
Strange all the moans about Seri yet still included in most teams.

Even if people thought he had a bad game, who replaces him or is considered better than him in this squad?
General Discussion / Re: Racism
« Last post by FFC1987 on Today at 12:04:20 PM »
I think you'd be hard pressed to find any club that doesn't have at least some form of racism shown at a game to be honest. Some clubs have it worse (Chelsea) but even on a local level in Suffolk, I've heard it and only about 12 people went....
General Discussion / Re: Player recruitment and planning ahead
« Last post by S.F.Sorrow on Today at 12:03:35 PM »
At least four players coming  in January, apparently Khan snr wants us to stay up at all cost

That's excellent news!!!
General Discussion / Re: Player recruitment and planning ahead
« Last post by S.F.Sorrow on Today at 12:02:57 PM »
I think we have to accept that we wont bounce straight back up, because without Mitrovic, Sessegnon and Schurrle the attack has to be completely redesigned.

Then there's all the players on loan. I can understand why it was a good strategy to get out of the Championship but with our late transfer activity in the summer it has proved disastrous. We still rely too much on loans IMO, most of which we will have no chance of signing unless they are so poor that their parent club won't want them back. We could face a MASSIVE rebuild if we are relegated. And even if we're not relegated we'll still probably have to replace most or all of our current loans.
General Discussion / Re: Racism
« Last post by SuffolkWhite on Today at 11:59:19 AM »
Believe it or not I can remember a few racist comments when Paul Parker made his debut, but since then I have never heard anything at the Cottage. I did hear racism at some away games in the 80's which is no surprise.
General Discussion / Re: Gentleman Jim and Seri
« Last post by Spirit of 2000 on Today at 11:55:02 AM »
1st half at Old Trafford both were IMO beyond hopeless - as a midfield pairing playing in front of the defence they could not have been less effective & their positional sense and awareness any worse. They weren't alone I know but the price tags will bring attention & expectation. Odoi cost comparitively little and he was awful - but there's a sense of people recognising he's not a premiership player. Seri I've said many times has talent - in a good side who are enjoying dominance in a game of football and playing further forward he would be a decent player - for a side struggling at the bottom of the league needing fighters and some savvy of the premier league and it's demands he's not at all what you want. Does he want to be here? Did he take the FFC option as the only one open to him to get away from Nice? Did he see FFC as a stepping stone? All up for discussion & debate. Will his performances improve as winter takes hold and his infamous painful toe condition worsens?? Doubtful. Is it Tony Khans fault - very probably. Anguissa however lacks so much it's embarrasing that we've spent allegedly close to £30 million for the bloke - no pace, no outstanding technical or passing ability, not exactly that dominant depsite his reasonable size, doesn't score goals, lacks defensive & positional awareness and I will categorically state there's a LOT better than him in the championship for an absolute fraction of the price ... well done Tony K and your stat based scouting brilliance.
And you knew how these players would perform before they kicked a ball, hindsight’s a wonderful tool in a discussion.

No hindsight needed if you consider that you need a central hub to the side that at least knows what to expect from English football. Yes you can take a punt on a pacey winger or dangerous striker from abroad or even as Hangeland showed a commanding centre back in a reasonably physical league that looks like part - even then you're taking a chance. However to bring in 2 players you're expecting to form the engine room of the side from France where the league is not similar in terms of quality or pace/physicality compared to the premier is a gamble too far IMO.
General Discussion / Re: Player recruitment and planning ahead
« Last post by HillingdonFFC on Today at 11:54:36 AM »
At least four players coming  in January, apparently Khan snr wants us to stay up at all cost
General Discussion / Racism
« Last post by BedsFFC on Today at 11:50:45 AM »
Has anyone seen/experienced any following FFC?

I have to be aware that, being a white guy, maybe my antennae is not always up and I may have missed thing.

The only thing that springs to mind is sitting down the back of the Golden Lion with my young son at the time, watching the TV pre-game an idiot in a group was being overly racist at black players on the screen at the time. I didn't say anything. Fairly sure it would have kicked off if I had. He kept looking for agreement to what he was saying and I just ignored him.

I remember going to a West Ham away game with a black mate from school. He was a hammers fan and had never been to a game, we were about 15. This would have been mid 80's !!

Obviously this was terracing. Half way through the 2nd half, it was clear my mate was being slowly targetted. Little commets from behind us. It was def going to lead to something. My mate, who was a tough inner London lad, was terrified. From watching a game, we had to get out of there sharpish.

I've seen a few bad things following Fulham(mostly the on-pitch quality of our play) and been in a couple of scraps in the 80's (protecting myself)  but nothing racist
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