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General Discussion / Re: Fulham 0-6 Port Vale (1987)
« Last post by filham on Today at 10:46:16 AM »
Somehow I have managed to wipe that game from my memory but clearly remember that Carr, Lewy, Coney and of course Ivor were good players and it is a shame they had to suffer such a defeat.
General Discussion / Re: Fulham 0-6 Port Vale (1987)
« Last post by AnotherOldgit on Today at 10:33:09 AM »
Wasn't that the "Fulham Park Rangers" period. As I recall, the football itself was more or less irrelevant and I guess that had got through to the team. I still left at 5 Nil though!
General Discussion / Re: NFR Favourite James Bond actor
« Last post by snarks on Today at 10:28:47 AM »
Don’t forget that several actors played Bond in Casino Royale, including Peter Sellers and David Niven

Sellers played a James Bond impostor, whereas Woody Allen played a villain named Jimmy Bond. Niven as you say did play James Bond

I'm also going to give credit to Roger Moore. He could never have played Bond the way Connery did so had to go in a different direction, that was the only way he could do it. It reopened it for Dalton and Craig to go back to a gritty character. More in line with the books.
General Discussion / Re: Old Sod's Army-Eel Pie Island
« Last post by New Kid on the Block on Today at 10:27:58 AM »
Manze's deliver pie, mash, liquor (and eels), to anywhere in the country, and I can safely say that they taste as good as if you bought them in the shop. The cost is not cheap, but they need to cover the delivery I suppose. I buy the package that has 6 pies, 6 portions of mash and liquor, and eat the lot in 3 evenings. I love it, so, so much. Go on to the Manze's website, join up, and place your order. You will not regret it!
General Discussion / Corona virus sanity level
« Last post by Andy S on Today at 10:23:08 AM »
We have only suffered a few weeks of this. They are now saying it could go on for six months. Should that happen what is your level of sanity likely to be?

Mine would be severe depression
General Discussion / Re: NFR Favourite James Bond actor
« Last post by alfie on Today at 10:10:04 AM »
Roger Moore for me, just edges Connery.
General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus?
« Last post by toshes mate on Today at 10:06:51 AM »
At long last antigen tests will be available from next week to front line NHS staff which will help to show previous episodes of coronavirus and indicate presence of relevant antibodies. 

The antigen test isn't the antibodies test. This is the one that just tells them whether they currently have the virus.
Please note:  This article explains exactly what the NHS are getting:
Indeed. The antigen test. Not the antibodies test.
Per article the antibodies test is part of the Oxford project. 
General Discussion / Re: NFR Favourite James Bond actor
« Last post by New Kid on the Block on Today at 10:05:52 AM »
It's Pierce Brosnan for me. That may be because the films were really good as well, with lots of stunts in them.
General Discussion / Re: Fulham 0-6 Port Vale (1987)
« Last post by Southdowns White on Today at 09:45:24 AM »
I went to all home games that season including that desperate performance and about half the away games, me and a few mates stayed up in Sheffield and Derbyshire for a few days when we played Doncaster away on the Saturday, then Chesterfield away on the Tuesday or Wednesday, It may have been the season before though. I seem to remember we lost both as was the normality in those days, we didn't seem to mind as much though as i think our expectations were never that great !
General Discussion / Re: Monday Fulham Stuff - 30/03/20...
« Last post by Stoneleigh Loyalist on Today at 09:43:42 AM »
WhiteJC. Your Sutton United hero Larry Pritchard is a neighbour of mine. I was talking to him yesterday from a reasonable distance .
I competed against him in about 1979 in a First v Middle .school charity silly games including a penalty dribble and shoot out. We complained that he was too good to he allowed to play so he defended his goal area without being able to use his hands. With his positioning skill  I still could not score despite three attempts!
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