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The bookies always make the teams that have just come down favourites.

But if you look at our competition, I don't think we objectively seem favourites, but I didn't think that last time either.

There quite a few things need to fall in our favour - Mitro's form and fitness, possible acquisitions,  player fitness re injuries, but I feel positive, though with some trepidation.

Let's hope we get off to a decent start.

General Discussion / Re: Here we go again!
« Last post by joemole on Today at 04:59:20 AM »

Still here. Just hoping we get to watch the live games again on FFCTV. Still nothing on the site.
General Discussion / Re: Team for Boro
« Last post by RaySmith on Today at 04:48:49 AM »
Not sure if Seri will start, but think that both Carvalho and Francois could.

I'm keeping my eyes out on QPR, Barnsley, Sheffield utd, Bournemouth and West Brom at the very least as the teams I expect to be there or there abouts. Slavisa and Parker have proven to be able to get promotion done with the teams they have. Barnsley and QPR were very strong towards the end of last season and are strengthening well. West Brom know this division and it'd be wrong to rule them out.

I'm sure there'll be others too.

You can never be guaranteed anything in this league, there are too many teams that can turn up, to many matches to play.

I agree with the teams you've listed as threats, and I'd probably be inclined to throw Forest in to that mix as well.

I think there's too many unknowns about us.  Much will depend on how quickly the boys adapt to the way Silva wants to play, and of course any business that gets done before the end of the window too.
General Discussion / Re: AK47...backup #9?
« Last post by FFC In Oz on Today at 04:21:56 AM »
No, we can't rely on him for goals.

At best he's a 3rd choice striker/winger that provides cover in the event of injuries/suspensions.
I cannot see how we can be favourites, there are other teams that will be a huge threat.

We are favourites, because bookies are offering 11/2 odds for us, which means they roughly think Fulham have a 16% of winning the Championship and all the other teams have a 84% chances of winning the Championship.

It probably works out that WBA, Sheffield and Bournemouth each have around a 12% chance of winning the championship and the other twenty teams each have 2.5% chance.

We are favourites, but as we have to sell off some quality footballers around deadline day it will be hard.

Why are you so sure you are correct, how can you dismiss other views so strongly.
How can you make such a statement based on what evidence.
So if the bookies told you that David Icke invented the wheel I expect you would believe that as well. We are not favourites with me or most of the population this side of the equator for obvious reasons that I shall explain when I visit you next at Tony Khans apartment he allows you to use. We are not favourites yet whilst we have difficulty finding the net and doubts about certain key positions.
Have you ever wondered why it’s is so amazing that all the news that happens in the world every day always seems to fit exactly into a newspaper, don’t you think that is suspicious.
Have you ever wondered why the Miss Universe Competition was always won by somebody from Planet Earth, have you never thought that was a little suspicious. Did you know that waking up in the morning is an eye opening experience.
There is no foundation for your claim of Fulham being undeniable favourites, simply because there are no roses without thorns.
Foot and self shoot come to mind.
Please remember never trust atoms they make up everything.

General Discussion / Re: AK47...backup #9?
« Last post by Mitrovic the warrior on Today at 03:22:47 AM »
We say the same every season and yet he usually disappoints. Sure he always shows flashes of quality but just lacks cutting edge. Not a bad option but I'm not relying on him for goals, so we need to bring in more scorers.
General Discussion / AK47...backup #9?
« Last post by AnOldBrownie on Today at 03:13:57 AM »
I have my doubts that Abou will ever be good enough to be a backup in the Prem...but I'm rewatching Fulham's 16 game undefeated streak in the 17/18 season, and unless the Championship has gotten much more competitive than it was 3 seasons ago, I think Abou can score goals at the Championship level.   He's also not a poor/reluctant passer. Probably more pace than anyone else on our squad.  Strong...and can put the ball in the back of the net.

We need to start by banning heading for under 15s and over 45s football. All other football should have a choice between non-water absorbing balls (for professionals), lighter balls or no heading allowed. In addition, there should be alternative competitions organised for adult men and women with no heading and safer rules.

As for professional men’s football, it will be impossible to change much for a least a decade, until all footballers have come through junior ranks without heading.

I personally think juniors footballers can practice heading with lighter balls and learn it in games from 15 years old onwards. It might slow a few centre-backs transition to professional football, but any decent centre back should start at full back anyway.

No no no. It really should be U16’s and players over 44 don’t you think? What does Tony Khan say if this isn’t Tony posting directly?

Your suspicions are valid, I can confirm it is the owners son I recognise his tights.
General Discussion / Re: Tyrese Francois
« Last post by rogerpbackinMidEastUS on Today at 02:52:25 AM »
They are not unknown quantities.
Why are some on here shying away from them playing regularly and trying to send them out on loan.
What we have seen from these 2 and cameo from Stansfield prevviously is GENUINE TALENT
Don't be afraid of it !
Why spend money on new tranfers and loans and mess around with Knock, Cavaleiro and a couple of others.

Silva will give these 3 'kids' a chance and we will (I believe) reap the rewards.

Enjoy them
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