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Jerusalem was not written in praise of England, it is a criticism of the times and attitudes, funny how things don’t change.

That’s right, Blake was fiercely anti-establishment, and I don’t see how you could ever have that in a national anthem. I think the fact the song (written about a hundred years later) is such a belter means people overlook that

I've always thought a number with the name of another nation's capital a rather odd choice as a national anthem (although, of course, it wasn't when Blake wrote it). Blake, a genius but something of a weirdo, certainly wrote the poem in dissatisfaction with the current state of the nation.
He actually wrote a rather more powerful criticism, entitled, 'London'.

General Discussion / Re: Are we interested in the World Cup Now
« Last post by filham on Today at 10:22:34 PM »
After last night I am almost hoping to see the USA with Ream and Robinson qualify. To regain our support England need to put in a performance against Wales scoring at least three goals.

I’d like to play the USA in the knockout stages, would be too close to call.
No thanks, let's go out to Brazil that would be more acceptable.
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Then there will be those who want Roll Out The Barrel.
General Discussion / Re: Everyone talking about Fulham
« Last post by DadCreature on Today at 10:11:17 PM »
I liked the bit (here on Italian tv) where they mentioned that Pulisic is the 3rd highest scorer for the US national team.....behind Dempsey and McBride....
Makes you think, if that American team last night had included a rejuvinated Dempsey and McBride in their line up England would have taken one hell of a thrashing.
as a US fan, I would kill to have either one on the squad in Qatar.  Is the missing piece from an otherwise young, promising but disappointing team.
General Discussion / Re: Players you'd like to sign so far from WC
« Last post by filham on Today at 10:10:53 PM »
I don’t think Robinson is out of contract until June 2024

I think you are 100% correct.
That is good news indeed although a post on  this board recently said it was June 2003 and therefore our only chance of getting a transfer fee for him was to sell this winter.

But people do like to have something to fret about.
General Discussion / Re: "One More Years!... One More Years!..."
« Last post by DadCreature on Today at 10:07:35 PM »
We play to mask his weakness- lack of pace.  Jedi covers for him a lot, at the cost of some things he could bring to the attack but doesn’t now.  I love Ream and we should keep him at least two more years if we can- one to start and one to be a backup.

However, let’s not overlook how many goals we have given up.  Our defense needs to become a lot better in the coming years.
General Discussion / Re: Players you'd like to sign so far from WC
« Last post by DadCreature on Today at 10:04:04 PM »
Hmm, Dest is not what we need- his crossing is his weakness, which is not good for a team with Mitro at forward.  I’d offer up Yunus Musah, currently at Valencia.  His ability to break lines by carrying the ball forward is elite.  He’s only 19, so we might be able to get him at a reasonable enough price and be a springboard for him if he continues to develop.  He would be a real asset.
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General Discussion / Re: Stoppage time at World Cup
« Last post by Somerset Fulham on Today at 09:51:51 PM »
I think it’s been great, no more players just sitting on the ground to kill a few minutes. Gets ridiculous when watching the prem. They should follow suit IMO.

I agree. It has also somehow added even more tension to the end of a game.

However, the Premier League have already confirmed they aren't enertaining it, sadly.
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