Team against Cardiff 20/10

Over on the forum we’ve been discussing who would be in our team to play against Cardiff…


team against Cardiff

subs: Betts, Odoi, Bryan(if fit), Mawson, KMac, AK47, Vietto, 

we obviously need to do something at the back and with Fosu out for a while we have to stick with Christie, I don’t think he was as bad against Arsenal as some have made out.

Betts has had his chance but 8 goals in 2 games just isn’t good enough, so I think its time for Rico to be given a go, otherwise why did we bring him in?


team against Cardiff

If Anguissa struggles with pace of game like at the weekend then MacDonald comes on around 60 minutes. 


come on over to the forum and join-in the discussion…

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