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General Discussion / Anyone in Sydney?
« Last post by Sammyffc on Today at 05:14:36 AM »
Anyone know any sports bars which will be showing the Sunderland game?? I know it's a super early kick off here but who knows

Thanks!  049:gif
General Discussion / Re: Rodney Marsh
« Last post by NewYorkYank on Today at 04:08:51 AM »
Perhaps it was Rodney Marsh who originated Fulham’s connection to the US.  I can recall watching him play for the Tampa Bay Rowdies,who were big rivals to the New York Cosmos in the old NASL forty years ago.
General Discussion / Re: Relax, reset, focus on Friday
« Last post by hovewhite on Today at 04:00:43 AM »
Roll on Friday night.coyw
General Discussion / Re: I don't want Ryan to go, but
« Last post by Litrecola_ on Today at 03:44:27 AM »
If we don't go up they will have to sell him to compete next years as Fredericks, Cairney will be gone and Mitro and Targett will return to their respective clubs to be sold. The only solution is gain promotion. That is it, that is all.
General Discussion / Re: Derby 3 - 1 Cardiff - Woooooo!
« Last post by Litrecola_ on Today at 03:39:50 AM »
It will be absolutely fantastic when we catch Cardiff and then they lose in the playoffs. Warnock will be out on his ass and it will be fantastic. He truly is a twit and I have no idea how they are in 2nd.
General Discussion / Re: Jadon Sancho vs. Ryan Sessegnon
« Last post by HatterDon on Today at 02:01:15 AM »
I watch every Dortmund match -- have for a couple of seasons now. I've seen Sancho play often and this last match was, by far, his best. But here's a couple of mitigating factors to consider if you're going to rate him above Sess.

1. His teammates include German internationals and his team generally finishes 2nd in the Bundesliga. You ALWAYS look better when your teammates are better.

2. Sess went from the best left back in the league to the best left wing attacker in the league -- all in the same season.

Now, ten years from now, Sancho may have enjoyed the better career, but right now Sess is a critical part of a team that is dominating its league. Sancho is a peripheral player on a team that [by its own standards] has underperformed this season. Sancho started Saturday because some key attackers were unable to participate. He'll likely be back on the bench next weekend. Sess? He started yesterday because without him, we're looking forward to another mid-table finish in the second tier.
We'd have automatic promotion by now if we'd won away at Burton and Sunderland. Or if we'd held on at home against QPR and Brentford. There's no point in singling out one factor and claiming that it is entirely responsible. Anyway, we have every prospect of automatic promotion: the American stats website (well worth visiting if you're not familiar with it) now says the chances of promotion are 51% Cardiff, 48% Fulham.

Thanks for the website link mate.  Interesting stuff. 
General Discussion / Re: Would we have got automatic promotion by now if
« Last post by kiwian on Today at 01:22:47 AM »
But don't forget PNE and Middlesbrough away games!!
General Discussion / Re: Derby 3 - 1 Cardiff - Woooooo!
« Last post by Fulham Joe on Today at 12:20:53 AM »
Great result for us tonight, but all I want to say is, Cardiff are rubbish, how on earth are they in 2nd place?
I've watched their last two games and it seemed to me that they had all the luck in the world against Nottingham Forest, and again tonight, they were bloody awful.
If they beat us to 2nd place, I say good luck to them, they started the season in the right frame of mind and they did the business when we didn't, you can't argue with that.
It's just that when I watch them, I think they're as dull as dishwater, surely they will get murdered in the Premier League if they get there?
At least tonight Derby tried to do the right things, Cardiff were about as exciting as a bucket of water.
And after I've said all that, I think they're actually going to make me a few quid, because I had £25 each way on them in the handicap at 18/1 at the start of the season.
General Discussion / Re: Warnock's Rash
« Last post by copthornemike on Today at 12:18:54 AM »
Unfortunately Warnock will probably motivate Cardiff sufficiently that they get 6 points from their last two games and pip us by one point (and with a markedly worse goal difference as well)
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