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Goal difference will not come in to the equation, because Fulham will not lose to Wednesday.
General Discussion / Re: How have Wednesday fared
« Last Post by General on Today at 03:16:14 AM »
Based on form etc - I'd say the best that could happen for us could be

Semi Final - Reading vs Sheffield Wednesday and Fulham vs Huddersfield
Final - Reading vs Fulham

Reading are Wednesday's bogey team and it seems we're Huddersfields currently.

In a head to head with Fulham and Reading it's actualy quite tricky to call though - We won against them at Craven Cottage 5-0 but then lost 1-0 at the Madejski.

Over two legs there's an obvious winner, but it's less predictable as they won one and we won the other.

Interestingly for me at least is that the team we played with at the Madejski was very different to the team we'd probably field now...

At the back we had Madl, Ream, Kalas with both Fredericks and Malone as attacking full backs.

Then our three furthest forward players were Martin (who won't be available and also is a liability), Cairney and Aluko...

Button was in goal and they beat us by getting on to the rebound of a saved penalty.

We've since taken the third CB out of our starting line-up and lead with more pace up front in Ayite/Neeskens and/or Sessegnon.

the Skysports headline for our loss against Reading - 'Reading squeeze past Fulham'

When we won 5-0 against reading we played with the team we have and play with most recently with Ayite, Aluko up front (although Martin was up front and scored a brace that game)... and Kalas Ream partnership supported by Fredericks and Malone in full back positions.
General Discussion / Re: How have Wednesday fared
« Last Post by General on Today at 03:05:40 AM »
I like the perspective you brought - thanks for that.

Reading are actually a bogey team for Sheffield Wednesday this season it seems as Reading have won both their games against Sheffield Wednesday. Reading won 2-0 at Hillsborough as recently as mid march and then won at the Madejski 2-1 in December.

And interesting in March again they actually lost 2-1 to Brentford.

Sheffield Wednesday have actually beaten Huddersfield twice this season and so in terms of teams they'd be best suited to it'd be them.

Obviously they've only played the one game against us and that ended up in a draw in 90 odd minutes.

So you'd actually be right to suggest there are two teams that are going to be tough for Sheffield Wednesday - Reading and us. I know form isn't the best at the moment and Sheffield Wednesday are doing very well, but in all honesty over a 2 legged semi-final they can't be completely confident against Reading or us.

The other thing I've noticed is whilst Sheffield Wednesday have won a lot of their games recently they've been against lower end teams (barring Newcastle) and never by more than a 2 goal margin, mostly in reality a 1 goal margin.

But they are beatable - Reading and Villa both beat them in March, whilst Burton got a draw and Norwich got thumped, but that's not that good.
General Discussion / Re: How have Wednesday fared
« Last Post by jeremyfulham on Today at 02:24:13 AM »
 049:gif I don't think we will be able to read much into next weeks game.
General Discussion / Re: Turnstile Talk - Q & A's
« Last Post by jeremyfulham on Today at 02:16:30 AM »
Some clarity/activity on stadium development would be welcome .
Would be good if Wednesday went one up,  Leeds did a Norwich and found themselves 6-1 up at halftime. 2nd half they score 3 or 4 more, they start to dream and we grab as goal in stoppage time to make their game worthless!
But no, a Fulham v Wednesday 0-0 will do me.
Leeds have only scored more than three goals once in the league this season (and that was four).

Wigan have only conceded more than three goals once in the league this season (and that was four).

I mean, there's no harm in Monk throwing every caution to the wind -- barring a 14-goal swing, they're locked into 7th place whatever happens -- but there's basically zero chance of them catching us.
General Discussion / Re: How frustating when we don't shoot.
« Last Post by ..FOF.. on Today at 12:53:20 AM »
On the matchday field, professional players depend a lot on instinct.

If the don't shoot it usually means the condition and their body placement may not be right for it.

If there is a lack of shooting, then it boils down to having more shooting practice.
General Discussion / Re: Not happy about today's result
« Last Post by Andy S on Today at 12:48:17 AM »
It is natural to be nervous and a little worried. We are so near yet so far. I have honestly believed we can do this for a long time. I still do. All the teams in the play offs are now level. In just three matches one will come out on top. It is not always the best team that wins the play offs it is usually the best prepared team. We have the best manager and a team that is as good as it is going to get at this level . Think lose and fail
I hope you are right but you cannot rule it out completely Danny
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