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Fulham v Wigan matchday thread

Started by Burt, January 12, 2013, 10:17:52 AM

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God The Mechanic

Holy balls what a miss.  Not very good defensively then.

St Eve


petric plays as an out and out striker


Petric is not creative and Ruiz is not Defensive, I hope we don't get murder by experimenting


Bryan looks out of his depth. The other CM should be covering for him, but Kara likes to push forward. The middle will be exposed. Bryan and Sidwell would be interesting.
"We love to win. For us, for our fans, for our Club. But we win fair. We believe in football first. We play to the spirit of the game. We are Fulham Football Club."

-Brede Hangeland


Bryan doesn't like to get stuck in and is a bit lazy with his tracking.


We don't look very good.

Schwarzer's injury didn't help his distribution either.


Schwarzer┬┤s kicking is still poor. Nearly set it up for Wigan.
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St Eve



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Brilliant goal yeah baby yeah!!!
Karagounis is on fire!!!!
"You don't want to be trapped inside with me sunshine. Inside, I'm somebody nobody wants to fcuk with do you understand?


Quality! Enjoying his football more and more each and every week!



Enter the Frei


Three times Ruiz has been robbed, a better team would have punished us.



I think Petric out Bairdino in move Bryan to the front.

Enter the Frei

Quote from: Walsh on January 12, 2013, 03:31:15 PM
Bryan has been abysmal so far!

Looks a bit lost in centre midfield but I'm willing to give him time, just needs to not dawdle on the ball in our half.