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Started by DevonFFC, January 26, 2013, 04:56:49 PM

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St Eve


we just see Berba in a nutshell...

31st min, AMAZING control that only a few in the world can do followed by NO movenment after, he literally moved 5yards MAX from the centre circle and had no desire to join the attack


Baird & Sidwell are awful. Get Kara on before it´s too late.
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It's going to be a l-o-o-n-n-n-g-g-g night.

Following the MK Dons and Luton exploits, and Aldershot going so close at Boro, I fancied the underdog in this one too but it's a mircale we are just the one down.

There's time yet...



Quote from: grandad on January 26, 2013, 06:06:00 PM
Baird & Sidwell are awful. Get Kara on before it´s too late.

i have noticed Sidwell seems to play awful when in the middle with Baird.... i think sometimes the Bairdinho thing has gone to his head lol he loves a 1st time flick around the corner which never seems to come off

Northern Cottager

Anyone in preston watching the game? Surrounded by arm chair united fans. Sole fulham man. Smashing.


Commentator summed it up, we break, we have no pace and we just go backwards on every break

St Eve



watch Ruiz everytime h gets the ball he looks for Berba.. he either has no confidence or the team feel they MUST give it to berba which isnt always the best option


I don't think watching Fulham play is a very pleasant thing these days. Saying that i can't watch this match so am probably missing something wonderful
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Enter the Frei

Our whole midfield have not been good enough so far. Keep it at 1-0 at half time then hopefully improve after the break. I'm not holding out much hope though.


FC Silver Fox

Finn and Corked Hat, you are forever part of the family.




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I'd put Dejagah on now for Kaca, he's been woeful, and maybe Karagounis on for Baird - he's not really been offering anything for us so far.
He gets the ball, he scores a goal, he loves to play for Martin Jol - Dimitar Berbatov - Fulham's Number Nine!

FC Silver Fox

Quote from: Northendwhite on January 26, 2013, 06:19:41 PM
Do you think anyone will notice? ;-)
Do you think anyone will notice if we went home now?
If we keep on doing what we did, we'll keep on getting what we got.
Finn and Corked Hat, you are forever part of the family.